The One Stop Solution – Corporate Online Banking

In this fast paced life, keeping in touch with internet and intranet world is just as important as living a real world; important banking and business transactions do require it more than ever now. Corporate Online Banking acts as perfect medium to monitor, control and transact ones business details through a fully secured Internet based system. One can now get details for accounts, put forth requests and even undertake a wide range of transactions online with a 24×7 service provided at click of a button.

Benefits of Corporate Online Banking:

  • Details of the account at one’s fingertips
  • Seamless Payments and Transactions
  • New Transfer Wizard recommends available payment types for transactions and thus eliminates usual banking barricades.
  • For frequent transactions including payroll templates can be set up and file upload arrangements are available as well.
  • One can input their beneficiaries quickly and accurately with the help of leverage bank and beneficiary libraries.
  • Overseas payments can be made smoothly with previously purchased FX contracts.
  • Integrate with ERP system to benefit from seamless payment and reconciliation experiences.
  • Trade Finance
  • For all shipment, delivery, and settlement cycles, one can now manage it on a single platform itself.
  • Signing up for accompanying alerts and notifications and getting access to a wide range of trade instruments is a wise choice indeed.
  • With straight-through-processing forms, one can submit trade finance applications quickly and easily without any further delay.
  • One can benefit from having single access for all their banking requirements.
  • Personalized dashboard that displays key account information upon logging in.
  • Updated account statements and transaction advice slips for the last six months.
  • Regular email’s containing reports like account statements and remittance.
  • For all important activities such as payment due, low balance and incoming funds, one will receive real time alerts with online banking.


  • Mobile Banking
  • Specially designed Smartphone browser and iPhone app gives its users access to their accounts on the go.
  • Users can view their account balances and perform various from any location.
  • Approval of transactions happens instantly and smoothly based on one’s locations.

They say, to advance with passing time is the wisest thing to do and corporate online banking is the new trend to the world.


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