Dealing with Dark Circles

Many of us suffer from dreadful dark circles; they make us look older, tired and ill. Unfortunately, not everyone has a celebrity makeup artist to cover up this common problem. If you’ve had enough of looking dull and tired all the time, then read on to learn what could be causing them dark circles and how to remove dark circles.

Learn how to reduce dark circles

  • Sleep: This is the most common, and obvious cause of dark circles. You need at least 8 hours of rest each night and if your body doesn’t get enough sleep, then it reduces circulation which makes your skin paler and increasing the darkness around your eyes.
  • Treatment: The Kaya Dark Circle Reduction treatment is a combination of glycolic peels and eye hydrating and firming procedures. This treatment banishes pigmentation and tightens and hydrates the dark circles under eyes, making you look younger and well rested.
  • Eye cream: Invest in an eye cream that has vitamin K and retinol as these two ingredients have proven to be very beneficial in the reducing dark circles around eyes.
  • Food: Vitamin deficiency and unbalanced diet reflect on our skin. If your diet lacks vitamin K or B12, you are sure to have dark circles so make sure you start consuming a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables today.
  • Water: Water is essential for your skin’s health. Dark circles around eyes are a clear sign that your body isn’t getting enough water, so remind yourself to keep drinking water throughout the day.
  • Salt: If you consume a lot of salt in your diet, you might have a condition known as fluid retention which is a major cause for dark circles under eyes. Try cutting back on your consumption of salt and sodium in your diet for healthier looking skin.
  • Smoking: This unhealthy habit causes ageing and makes blood vessels appear bluer under your skin, thus causing the appearance of dark circles.
  • Sun: The sun’s rays cause harmful damage to your skin in the form of ageing and darkening, so always make sure that you wear a hat and sun glasses when you are out during the day.
  • Stress: When you are under pressure and stressed, it shows on your skin in the form of dark circles. Take some time out for yourself by listening to soothing music, yoga or spend quality time with your family.

Summary- Dark circles are a common problem but there are many treatments available for it. A few lifestyle changes can help reduce them.


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