Are you tired of looking for an Acne Cure?

Acne is a major skin problem that many encounter universally. Both men and women are prone to acne, regardless of their age or ethnicity. This common chronic disease affects nearly 90 percent of teens and at least 50 percent of adult women. Acne usually occurs when parts of dead skin cells combine together with skin’s natural oil, under the pores, making it an ideal spot for bacteria build-up. This process triggers our body’s response against bacteria, creating inflammation, which leads to skin breakout or formation of a pimple.

There are many factors, which cause acne to pop out. They are known as “Acne Triggers”. An acne trigger is any form of hormonal reaction in our body that leads to acne development. To name a few, these triggers could be drugs, depression, food, smoking, and even lack of sleep. Some say acne can be hereditary or genetic; however, it can also be controlled.

There are a few factors one can avoid. They are mentioned below:

  • Cosmetic agents and hair pomades may irritate the skin on the face.
  • Skin reactions due to medication like steroids, lithium or any anti-epileptics and iodides.
  • Accessories such as headbands or under-wire bras.
  • Natural body or hormonal change during pregnancy or menstruation
  • Exposure to the sun may either improve or flare acne. Too much UV exposure can also cause ageing.

Various factors cause acne, if you seriously look for an acne cure; then there are ways in which to avoid or control it. However, for skin that is acne-prone, getting rid of it can be tricky sometimes. Looking for acne treatment that works best for you takes a little patience. You should know that not everyone who has oily skin is acne prone, and not all with dry skin have acne related issues. One product may be harsh and some other may not be effective. So, it is always best to consult a dermatologist for acne treatment.

How do we really control acne? Which is the acne cure that actually helps? We have listed some of the best practices that actually work. However, you can try it at your own risk.

  • To control acne, you have to regularly wash your face with a cleanser. Using facial cleansers that are mild and not too fragrant would help. Choose cleansers that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, they help to dry up acne.
  • Use oil-free moisturizers as a make-up base to keep the pores from clogging.
  • Choose water based or oil-free make-up products.
  • Avoid irritants such as hair accessories that irritate the skin on your temple or other parts of your face.
  • Watch what you are eating. Avoid greasy food, too much caffeine, or sweets.
  • It is sometimes good to go out and get a tan, but not all the time. It is best to avoid too much sun exposure.
  • Bacteria are the main cause of acne. Do not to touch your skin, even if a pimple irritates you. It is best not to touch infected skin areas, since you do not know what bacteria can transmit from your fingers to your face.
  • Eat healthy. A healthy diet can have a positive effect on your skin. Limit your intake of processed foods, dairy products; instead have foods that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids and vegetables. Drink enough water.

Acne Treatment may require significant amount of patience. Don’t be too hassled as this may make you to feel stressed. Stress being one of the triggers. If you have excessive acne growth, your situation can be sorted by consulting the right people, like your physician or dermatologist, to get the right prescription.

Some of these common medications may include:

  • Skin medication that is applied directly like Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Antibiotics and Isotretinoin
  • Dermalogical treatment such as skin peeling medication.

There are many ways to control acne and it sometimes takes patience. Being depressed or stressed about it won’t help you get rid of it. A happy and positive outlook in life, with the right kind of help you can find an acne cure for sure.


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