Clear your myths about Laser Hair Reduction

Unwanted body hair has a tendency to show up at all the wrong times. Just when you want to hit the beach or wear that stylish halter top or shorts, you realize that you cannot wear these because of unwanted hair and unfortunately your waxing schedule is still a few days away. One of the most convenient ways to keep your plans and wardrobe choices from going for a toss is to invest in laser hair removal.

Several hair reduction techniques exist in the market like waxing. Not on is it painful, but it also gives you hair free skin that lasts just for 4 to 5 days while threading, as a technique is not a practical solution for large areas. Bleaches, depilatory creams etc can leave behind ugly patches on the skin. Opting for a laser hair removal treatment will give you a permanent solution to body hair woes. In spite of increasing demand for laser hair reduction, and increased access to information through internet, there are numerous misconceptions about laser treatment, which aren’t based on facts.

Here are some common myths about laser hair removal, and an explanation to prove that they are nothing but misconceptions.

Common myths and misconceptions: Many people think it involves a high intensity treatment like one would see in a Hollywood action thriller. The truth is that laser is more or less low intensity concentrated light of particular wavelength and is relatively easy process. Other myths include:

  • Laser hair reduction is not safe: It uses technology that targets the pigment in the hair leaving the skin and surrounding tissue unharmed. Studies have shown that there are no long-term adverse effects of the procedure. When performed by trained and licensed practitioners like Kaya Skin Clinic’s, it delivers safe, effective results.
  • Laser hair reduction is not effective: Laser hair removal is very effective when properly performed for a majority of candidates. Non-response is usually limited to people with white, gray, blond or red hair or people with hormonal problems. It requires greater skill from dermatologists to treat non-responsive customers.
  • Laser causes injury to essential organs of human body or causes cancer: Unlike X-rays, laser pulses do not penetrate deep enough into the skin, and most often never get past the hair roots.
  • Laser is ineffective in most men: Clinics such as Kaya Skin Clinic’s laser treatments have proven effective for a number of male clients. It proves that laser hair removal is equally effective in men.
  • Laser is very expensive: Treatments from experienced and skilled laser experts are relatively priced. However, in the long run, it proves to be a big saving in terms of money and time. Imagine the amount one has to shell out to procure shaving gels, razors, hair removal creams and waxing for a lifetime.
  • All laser hair reduction services are the same: Laser treatment is customized to the type of skin, and varies for different individuals. The therapy is decided depending on the need and tolerance of the skin. Dermatologists decide on the type of technique and the number of sessions required.
  • Laser hair reduction causes scars and marks on the skin: Laser does not prick or tear the epidermis in any manner, hence it cannot cause scars. Redness of the skin often occurs but fades away in couple of hours without any treatment.
  • Laser hair reduction is a painful procedure: It only causes gentle discomfort and is the least painful, when compared to waxing sessions. However, people with zero tolerance to pain may opt for painless hair removal laser treatments.
  • Laser hair reduction creates more hair: If that was the case, then bald men would be flocking laser clinics. We are born with all our hair follicles in place and they become active at a pre-determined time. Laser only destroys follicles in active phase. Between 15-20% of our hair are in growth phase at any given point of time — so multiple sessions are required to destroy follicles which become active at variable time.
  • Shaving before the laser session makes the hair grow thicker: Shaving does not change the thickness or color of the hair. However, hair that is shaved has a blunt end which can make it appear thicker.
  • Laser on bikini area is harmful: Laser treatment over bikini area is as safe a procedure as any other part of the body.
  • Laser keeps you hair free from day one: You will require multiple sessions initially and maintenance sessions later, depending on your hair growth.
  • One can remove hair once and for all. The result after laser hair reduction is 100%

It effectively targets most of the hair follicles in the body. In some cases, certain hair follicles may be rendered dormant. These dormant hair follicles can sometimes produce new hair due to biological and hormonal changes in the body. This hair, however, will be light and fine in nature, and in most cases, will not be noticed easily.

It is also important to remember that hair growth is influenced by our hormones. Any hormonal changes in the body due to stress, lifestyle changes etc can trigger hair growth. The growth may be localized. A maintenance session 2-3 times a year may be required to maintain the results achieved. Your dermatologist will be the best person to advise you if you notice re-occurrence of hair growth.


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