How to Recognize if you Have Dry Skin

We’ll all experienced that stretchy, itchy feeling the skin gets in winter as well as the wonderful relieving feel of moisturizing it. Usually, dry skin isn’t a very serious condition, although it could look and feel terrible and even lead to wrinkles, if left untreated. This usually temporary condition might occur only during dry weather but might plague you all your life. The most common areas where you would experience it are the lower legs and arms, the heels of your feet and your abdomen, although this could vary from person to person, as well as with age, health status, amount of outdoor exposure and the region where you live. Did you know that this could also be a genetic condition?

Regardless of why you are experiencing the dryness, it is important to seek dry skin treatment because over time, the condition will worsen if you don’t take care of it. For chronic or severe conditions, the best thing to do is to consult a professional.

Know the Symptoms

The first step to seeking dry skin treatment is of course to know how to recognize whether you have a problem to start with. Here are some common symptoms that you should keep a check on:

  • If you skin feels tight, especially after swimming or bathing
  • If your skin feels rough to the touch and looks rough as well
  • If you are experiencing itchiness, also known as pruritus
  • Flaking, peeling or scaling of the skin – this could range from mild to severe
  • Dark skinned people might notice that their skin gets an ashy, grey color
  • Redness or red patches
  • Cracks appearing that tend to be deep and might even bleed


Seeking a Diagnosis

The next thing you should know is when it is the right time to seek medical help for dry skin treatment. It is time to seek professional help if you:

  • Have tried moisturizing you skin and other home remedies and you do not find any improvement, it definitely is time to seek professional help.
  • Experience red patches that accompany the dryness or if there is itching that disturbs your sleep
  • Have open soars due to scratching or fear that there might be an infection
  • Have large areas that are either peeling or seem scaly

People who are outdoors a lot, have high exposure to drying soaps and detergents and the elderly are more likely to experience dryness and should take extra care to keep their skin well hydrated. Of course, some pampering at a spa that is known for its skin treatments could be the most fun and effective way of seeking dry skin treatment before it gets out of hand.


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