Bid Adieu to the Dreaded Dark Circles

Do questions such as “Why do you look so tired?” and “Didn’t you get any sleep last night?” seem all too familiar to you? If you are among the thousands who suffer from dark circles, you would know how these conditions can make you appear dull, exhausted and older than you actually are. If you’re wondering how to remove dark circles, it’s a great idea to begin with understanding the causes.

Causes of Tired Looking Eyes

Dark patches under your eyes can make you look tired. This discoloration of the skin can be a result of several factors, like:

  • Lack of sleep – This causes blood circulation to slow and the skin to appear lifeless.
  • Genetics – You may have inherited the pattern of pigmentation that causes dark circles under the eyes.
  • Aging – Over time, our skin loses subcutaneous fat and thins, making the veins more visible.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle – Excessive exposure to the sun, smoking, working on the computer for extended hours, an unbalanced diet and lack of exercise can all cause blood to pool under the eyes, resulting in dark patches.

Stress, fatigue and hormonal changes are all culprits that make your eyes look tired and dull. Moreover, allergies, cold and sinus can cause temporary puffing under the eye, which makes the skin even thinner.

Many people say that crying causes the skin under the eyes to become darker. The fact is that crying can cause someone to excessively rub their eyes. This can cause the periorbital blood vessels to get damaged, resulting in the blood leaking out and the skin appearing darker.

How to Remove Dark Circles

Apply almond oil under your eyes. Eat foods rich in vitamin A. Cut cucumber and place them on top of your eyes for 5 minutes every Sunday. A lot has been written and discussed around how to remove dark circles. However, it is important to understand that these remedies may take months, if not years, to show any signs of being fruitful. What do you do till then? Use concealers to hide the dark patches?

The good news is that dark circles are reversible. This, however, requires the right treatment by an expert. Getting treatment with the latest technology may be the only way to achieve instant results that will remain for a longer period of time. So, don’t waste time wondering whether you need this. Opt for a dark circle reduction package and enjoy clear, bright, relaxed and youthful looking eyes.


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