Impressive Clinical Skin Treatments

Our busy schedules often make it difficult for us to care for our skin properly, resulting in tired looking skin and loss of youthful glow. Whether you are getting ready for that flawless party look or just looking forward to rejuvenating your skin, clinical skin treatments could prove to be a result-oriented quick fix. Consult your dermatologist in Dubai to get the best in clinical skin treatments.

Clinical Treatments to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Often, we read about celebrities going for various last minute and long-term skin treatments to rejuvenate their skin. Here are a few that you can choose to look like a star!

  1. Mesotherapy – This is a non-invasive and non-surgical way to rejuvenate your skin. The skin is rejuvenated by injecting pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, plant extracts and vitamins into the subcutaneous fat under the skin. Mesotheraphy could prove to be an effective anti-ageing treatment, since it helps in skin tightening.
  2. Facial Peels – This helps to exfoliate the skin and penetrates the topmost damaged layer to reveal the clean layer beneath. It is an effective treatment to minimize freckles, age spots, scars and sun damage. These light chemical peels do not contain harsh ingredients and are formulated with natural substances, such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid. Facial peels give you a fresh, glowing complexion, without harming your skin.
  3. Organic Skin Treatments – Go green! Organic skin therapy is done through ecologically plant based products. Consult a dermatologist in Dubai who offers 100% certified natural and organic therapy. Organic therapy can range from face masks to peels and even massages. It has minimal or no side-effects.
  4. Gold Therapy – This is indeed one of the most desirable skin treatments to get a gold finish, quite literally. Gold has anti-inflammatory properties, is rich in anti-oxidants and promotes collagen. Nano-gold particles are used in this type of treatment. Gold dissolves into your skin’s surface to instantly reflect light and tiny particles seep through the top layer to protect your skin against fine lines and discoloration.

Hydra therapy that rejuvenates skin with the help of water and air is also a good choice. But before you opt for any one of the above mentioned skin treatments, you must get your skin properly analysed by a dermatologist in Dubai. The dermatologist will examine your skin for its type, sensitivity and problems, if any, and then recommend a suitable clinical treatment. Also, if you feel any uneasiness or irritation on your skin after a clinical treatment, you must seek medical advice immediately.


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