Evolving Beauty Needs in the Current Times

In February 2015, the Middle East made global news due to the sand storm that had covered several nations in an orange haze that comprised of Saharan dust, coupled with smoke that carried high levels of NO2, resulting in pollution rates higher than it had been in the last five years. The storm was first seen in Egypt and then moved over Israel and Lebanon, causing much discomfort to the residents.

While the life threatening diseases that prolonged exposure to such pollution can cause has longer periods of gestation, some of the most immediate effects are seen on the hair and skin. According to a study on premature skin aging, led by Dr. Draelos in the United States, the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons that are carried by nano-particles of polluted air are converted into quinines, which are redox cycle chemicals. These chemicals go on to produce Reactive Oxygen Species or ROS, which is the cause of most of the known modern diseases, including premature skin aging.

Our skin, being the outermost organ of our body, acts as a shield for our inner organs and takes the first onslaught of ROS and other free radicals in the air. This causes depletion of oxygen from the skin as well as decreased production of collagen, which leads to pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, keratosis and more. This is the reason why there is a growing need for professional care of skin.

Which Skin Beauty Services to Opt For?

Ultra Detox Facials: These skin beauty services are based on the understanding that every day, our skin is exposed to harmful chemicals and free radicals that can cause potentially irreversible damage. The facials make use of natural antioxidants to nullify their effects. Typically, they employ methods to drain the toxins and exfoliate first and then neutralize the skin to regain its youthfulness and health.

Mesotherapy: This is not only an effective treatment for skin aging, but also useful in mitigating the effects of toxins on our skin. It is a treatment that infuses the dermal layer with a potent cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants, which not only help regenerate the skin, but also reduce the impact of harmful chemicals.

Antox Ultra Sheen Therapy: This beauty treatment works on the principle of ‘Refresh-Renew-Reduce’, wherein it begins with multistage exfoliation, followed by thermal unblocking of pores and finished with a massage of antioxidant agents which reduce the effects of pollution that causes the skin to lose its natural suppleness.

Gold Therapy: Cleopatra was the first to have famously used gold as a face pack, resulting in luminous, beautiful skin. Today, there are skin beauty services offering real 23 karat gold dust that infuses your skin with its glow. However, that is not the only benefit of this treatment. The metal also fights free radicals and strengthens elastins, thereby destroying the effects of pollution and regenerating the skin’s youthfulness.

It is only natural that as the environment that we inhabit evolves, so do our methods of coping with it. There was a time when our natural surroundings provided us with all the nutrients that we needed to not just to survive, but to thrive. As this is no longer the case, due to our own recklessness, we need to take that extra step and invest in skin beauty services to take better care of ourselves.


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