5 Helpful Tips to Choose a Health Insurance Plan

The majority of healthcare users are satisfied with services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah but not happy with the cost, according to a new survey which interviewed more than 1,000 residents aged between 18 and 56 of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, across genders and nationalities, according to an article published in arabianbusiness.com in June 2015. Our health is one asset that we depend on all our lives. Health insurance has become all the more relevant with increasing health-care service costs and rapidly changing lifestyle habits.

Choose the Right Plan

Getting yourself health insured will help you wave off the worry of future healthcare costs and will enable you to avail the best of services without worrying about payment and the effect of treatment costs on your future financial goals. Here are some tips that might come in handy while you shop for an insurance policy.

  1. Choose the Type of Cover Carefully – The cover provided under a policy may be basic that is only providing for medical treatments during hospitalization which are in-patients treatments. Look for a plan that will also pay-up for day-to-day consultations and medical bills.
  2. Look for the Geographical Cover – You must know that whether the policy provides cover only in the UAE or outside the UAE as well. The policy may also provide cover region wise such as the middle-east, Africa or the Indian Sub-continent. Some even pay for medical expenses globally. Choose a policy according to your needs.
  3. Know the “Network” – The network is the list of pre-approved healthcare providers. These healthcare providers will be able to provide you “cashless treatments” as the insurance company directly pays them. The network can have a considerable effect on the premium depending on the services provided and the quality of the providers.
  4. Look for Critical Illness Cover – Buy a health insurance plan that has a critical illness cover. The critical illness cover allows you to receive reimbursements for the salary or the earnings you lose while you receive medical treatment and miss work commitments. You can also add a critical illness rider to enhance the cover provided by a policy.
  5. Read the Policy Document Carefully – Read the terms and conditions carefully. Also, read the benefits provided by the policy so that you can take advantage of all the provisions you are paying for.

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