Acne – Methods To Remove And Reduce It

Acne can be embarrassing, extremely visible and sometimes painful. Here is how you can get rid of them and prevent scarring.

It is said that no person in the world can have everything he wants. If a person has more money than anyone else, he may not have the time to be with his family. Similarly, a woman may have inner poise and natural beauty, but her skin might give her cause for grief.

Most women suffer from acne at some point in their lives. While the problem resolves itself once a person enters adulthood, there are several women who grapple with adult acne as well. They look for solutions on how to treat acne, but to no avail. Instead of despairing over one’s acne and the scars it leaves behind, here are some pointers on how to treat acne and how to remove acne scars:

  1. Do not squeeze acne. You may be tempted to squeeze acne. This is disastrous – squeezing causes local trauma to the skin and internal bruising. Also, the bacteria on the fingers can be transferred to the site, which can cause infections if the acne bleeds after squeezing. Do not touch your acne at all, and never use your nails to scrape off the scabs caused by acne.
  2. Apple cider vinegar is effective. Apple cider vinegar is an anti-bacterial substance which kills off the bacteria present in acne. Apple cider vinegar is alkaline in nature and restores the skin’s pH balance, apart from reducing excess oiliness that causes acne in the first place. Dilute one part to three parts water before using it on the skin.
  3. Honey and yoghurt for scars. Acne has the habit of leaving scars on the skin. Pack a power punch with honey and yoghurt that not just reduces acne, but also prevents scarring. Mix a teaspoon of honey in one teaspoon of yoghurt and apply it on a cleansed face. Your acne will dry up gently and disappear without a trace. This remedy also clears the complexion.
  4. Egg whites are excellent. Egg whites kill the bacteria in acne and dry it out completely. Separate the whites of two eggs from the yolk. Whisk them in a bowl till they become thick and frothy. Apply them with clean fingertips on the acne. Wait for it to dry before applying a second coat of egg white. Apply at least four coats in all. They not just kill the acne, but also absorb excess oil. You can apply a layer of whisked egg whites on your face if your skin exhibits excess sebum secretion.
  5. Orange peels will help. The natural acids present in citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are effective in treating acne. They display anti-bacterial properties, so the acne is killed at the root. Also, they eliminate acne painlessly and without scarring. Grind the peel of an orange and add a few drops of water to it to make a paste. Apply this paste all over your face and wash off when it is completely dry. This will absorb excess oil, kill the surface bacteria and lighten previous acne scars.

So why wait to have clear, problem-free skin? Use our guide and learn how to remove acne scars and banish acne from your life.


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