Toyota Fortuner 2016 Launch In Saudi Arabia

Toyota unveiled their new Fortuner model on July 16, 2015 after almost a decade of keeping this line unchanged. The new Toyota Fortuner will get an up-scale exterior design, with an increase in specifications that will feature for the first time LED head and tail lights, daytime running headlamps for increased visibility and safety. This Fortuner car is going to be 4795mm long, 1855mm wide and 1835mm tall. It is due to be launched at the end of 2015 in several parts of UAE including Saudi Arabia, says the 2015 article published at Drive Arabia. This versatile vehicle is built to meet all your needs in practical circumstances since it is developed using the classic, “Toyota Hilux Pick-up truck platform”.

The Exterior

The new model will feature a lot of changes on the exteriors, including chrome plated mirrors, inbuilt fog lights, and a more sleek design. It will have the trapezoidal grille in addition to the 17 inch alloyed rim wheels. The headlights are slightly angular in shape with sharper edges compared to the current on road model. The overall exterior bears a high aerodynamic design, with swifter and powerful movements making it more aggressive in its overall aura. The chassis and body frame have increased only slightly, however the fender, hood and bumper are completely new in design.

The Interior

The new Fortuner has made certain modest upgrades in its interior design and features. The primary improvement includes an increase in the seating capacity. Previous models could only accommodate 5 full grown men comfortably, however the new one can accommodate 6 since there is more room on the front. The model will also feature an improved heating mechanism, along with leather trimmed interiors, that account for a pleasurable and comfortable driving experience.

The Power

One word synonymous with the Fortuner is power. The efficient diesel engines have a capacity of 177HP 2.8L with an optional 2.7 litre petrol engine. There is the option of both manual and automatic transmission. The 6 speed automatic and 5 speed manual transmission system is able to relay power directly to the front and rare wheels accounting for superior performance. The wheel drive platform is known to directly optimize driving dynamics and engine performance.

The Models

It is estimated that this car will come in two variants one being the GX1 4×2 model and the other is GX1 4×4 model both with their own respective Fortuner price tags. Initial launch of both models towards the end of 2015 will see great deals and offers. The price is estimated to shoot up after the first few months of launch offers, during the mid 2016 period. Hence if you plan to get this vehicle, it is better to buy it soon after launch than wait for a longer time.


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