Dark Circles, Be Gone!

It is possible to get rid of unseemly dark circles around your eyes. Here’s presenting a 5-step plan to eliminate the problem.

Your face is God’s loveliest creation, but what’s this? Why are your eyes tired and puffy? And worse, why do they have discoloured skin around them? Your dark circles can completely overshadow your gorgeous looks. Forget that flawless skin, forget your finely chiselled features – everybody immediately notices your dark circles and their eyes linger over them for long.

But if you had resigned yourself to living with your tired under-eye skin all your life, think again. It is possible to eliminate the problem entirely if you know how to remove dark circles. It needs a combination of your skin’s natural defences and kitchen ingredients to reduce and destroy dark circles. Follow this 5-step treatise:

  1. Give your eyes some digital detox. The light emanating from computers and mobile phones causes stress in the eyes. When you stare at a computer screen all day and keep texting from your mobile phone till the time you sleep, your eyes and the skin around them take a beating. Instead, stop the use of electronic devices like the TV, mobile phone and computer at least one hour before bed time. Soothe your eyes with cold water compresses or apply cotton pads soaked in cold milk to remove fatigue.
  2. Rest well. Often, dark circles are the result of stress and fatigue. Women who sleep less develop tired, discoloured under-eye skin the very next day. If you have been keeping a series of late nights, stop doing so. Getting enough shut-eye will rest the skin around your eyes and remove the stress in them. You can stimulate blood circulation in the affected area by gently tapping the under-eye skin with the tip of your index finger.
  3. Chill the skin. Under-eye discolouration is caused with excess heat in the eyes, and a thinning of the skin as age progresses. Stress and late nights can constrict the blood vessels in the skin. Dark circles make their appearance with less blood circulation and increased exhaustion. The question of how to remove dark circles can be answered with a shot of cold tea – cool two used tea bags in the refrigerator and apply on the under-eye area. Or you can place two metal teaspoons in the fridge and place them (concave side over the eyeball) over your eyes to calm the skin.
  4. Tomato cure. Tomatoes contain mild bleaching properties that help lighten acne scars, tanned skin and even dark circles. Mix one teaspoon of fresh tomato juice with one teaspoon lemon juice and apply on the affected area with a clean finger. Help the skin absorb the mixture by lightly tapping the area with your fingertips. Wash off with cold water once dry. Regular use will lighten the dark circles considerably.
  5. Yoga for the eyes. Not only does yoga help reduce stress by means of meditation, it also targets specific body parts for optimum functioning. An excellent yoga workout for the eyes entails sitting cross-legged on the floor and staring unblinkingly at a point in the line of vision. Do not blink at all. Very soon, your eyes will feel heavy and begin to water. Hold this stance for at least five minutes. You will feel warm tears pouring down your cheeks, accompanied by heaviness in the head. These symptoms will disappear once you stop the exercise. This exercise removes stress from the eyes and also promotes sound sleep.

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