Different Types Of Bikini Wax

Bikini season is a nightmare for many women since they do not know what to do to get a clean and clear bikini region. Go through the various types of bikini wax methods to get the right bikini line for you.

The idea of Bikini wax is scary and intriguing to a lot of women. There are various women who wish to get their bikini areas waxed so that they can welcome the swimsuit season. There are various waxing services out there and you need to know which one you should go for. Salons are a good place to get the waxing done, but you must make sure that you know what the types are so that you know what you are getting into. That will also help you to explain to the salon technician regarding what you want exactly.

The various types of Bikini wax are:

Basic Bikini Wax:

The regular type is the perfect wax type for any first timer. This type of bikini hair removal removes any hair which can be found outside the bikini line. You can wear underwear for this procedure and the process will take care of all the hair from your upper thigh areas of the hair below the naval. This is a great option for beginners who just wish to try out the bikini wax and wish to get a groomed body before wearing a bikini out in public.

French Bikini Wax:

The French bikini wax goes one step further than the normal bikini wax. It takes care of all the parts of your thing naval and also the genital areas. Only one vertical strip of hair is left which is referred to as the landing strip. This is a good option for women who like to wear very narrow types of bikini.

Brazilian Bikini Wax:

This the most famous type of bikini wax. This process takes care of all the hair around your things, naval regions and the genital area. This is done front and back to give you a complete hair free look. Women who prefer to wear thongs or skimpy swimwear can go for this method.

The Sphinx

Named after a hairless breed of cat known as the Sphinx, this type of bikini wax leaves no hair on your genital region whatsoever. You get a completely clean and smooth genital area along with the naval and the thighs. This type of hair removal is done by women who wish to get a completely clean look. Also, when you go through this method you will never have to experience any pubic hair showing when you wear a bikini. If you do not like body hair at all these options is the best for you.

While these are the various types of bikini wax options available to women. You need to realise exactly what you want. This decision lies on the fact what kind of bikini do you generally wear. The cost of such waxing procedures vary from salon to salon but it is recommended that you go to a salon which has a good reputation. Dig up the info about the best salon which offers bikini waxes.


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