Should You Get Your Home Carpeted?

High quality flooring products, such as rubber flooring, costs about Dh200 per square metre, or about Dh4, 000 for an average sized bedroom, according to The National. Not everyone can spend that much money on a flooring option though. The good news is that there are other inexpensive options, like carpeting, that provide cushioning and warmth.

Benefits of Carpeting

Carpeting your floor will make a safe playground for your kids, where they can play without getting hurt. If taken care for, it can last as long as 10 years. It is easy to clean and maintain. And if you are worried about spills and stains and how to clean carpet stains, don’t worry! Vanish 3 in 1 Carpet and Upholstery Hand Shampoo ensures that your carpets are not only stain free but also that they remain clean and fresh all round the year. Say goodbye to carpet stains with the right products and enjoy plush interiors for a long time to come.

Listed below are some of the benefits of getting your house carpeted.

  1. Provides Warmth and Comfort – There is no match for the feeling of warmth and comfort under your feet when you put them down on the floor in the morning. Floor runners and rugs provide a cushion under your feet. It is especially beneficial for people with pain in the joints or feet. It also provides a safe play area for children because the risk of getting hurt is minimized.
  2. Adds Beauty and Style – You can choose from thousands of styles and colours, which means that your ultimate choice defines your home décor. This flooring option can be used to enhance a room or add a subtle touch of colour to any space. Your choice as a homeowner speaks volumes about your style.
  3. Improves Air Quality – Rugs and similar flooring options act as a filter, trapping dust, pollen and removing them from the breathing zone. Regular cleaning of the carpeting will ensure clean and fresh indoor air.
  4. Soften Slips and fall – It is hard to imagine what happens when you slip and fall on a hardwood floor and the fear is maximized in the case of children and the elderly. Floor carpeting minimizes the risk of slips and falls by offering a better grip. Also,

there are lesser chances of getting hurt even in case of an actual fall because of the cushioning provided by them.

  1. Reduces Noise – Home theatres, speaker phones and computers make our home a noisy place. Rugs help absorb these sounds. It also works as a sound barrier between floors.


Make sure to get to know different types of carpets before installing any one type. Also, learn more about carpet stain removers that can remove stains from all the types of rugs.


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