No Acne, No Acne Scars

Following a simple skin care routine will eliminate your acne to a large extent. No acne = no scars.

Acne are the worst affliction on skin. No matter how hard one tries, one cannot disguise it under make-up. It is also the first thing one notices – and this can get embarrassing. Besides, it is one thing to suffer acne, but it almost always leaves behind scars.

However, the treatment for acne scar reduction is often a simple one. Instead of trying to eliminate the pits and scars left by acne, doesn’t it make better sense to prevent the occurrence of acne in the first place? Think about it – if you don’t develop acne, you won’t have scars. Stop your roundabout routine – focus your energies on preventing acne from showing up on your skin.

Here’s how:

– Start every morning with a cleanser. The cleanser is your best friend in the acne scar removal process. Once you wake up, wash your face with cold water and follow it up with a mild cleanser. This ensures that surface dirt and oil is removed. It also clears away dead skin cells. The skin is able to breathe better and feels rejuvenated.

– Have a cleansing green tea before coffee. Often, the first beverage you drink determines the state of your skin and your health. Before you make your morning coffee, have a cup of green tea. Green tea provides a host of antioxidants that clear the skin and remove toxins. Wait for at least 15 minutes before you reach out for coffee.

– Eat at least one fruit every day. Fruits offer several skin-friendly benefits. They keep the skin hydrated, provide essential nutrients for cell repair and renewal, flush out toxins and fight ageing. It is a good idea to make a fruit mask and apply it on the face once a week for healthy skin.

– Let your skin breathe. You may be tempted to wear make-up every day, but it is better to don the war paint only on special occasions. Make-up may enhance your beauty, but it also clogs the pores and is the primary reason for acne. Also, it is advisable to use only a light skin cream at night (or not at all). Heavy creams interfere with the skin’s restoration process as you sleep. This also causes acne.

– Have a raw vegetable salad for lunch. Instead of reaching out for that yummy burger, go light on yourself with a healthy vegetable salad. Raw vegetables help the digestion process and are excellent for skin repair and restoration. They also help remove impurities from the system, thus helping in cell renewal. In turn, your skin will remain free of acne for longer periods of time.

– When stressed, breathe deeply. Stress is a major reason for acne. Though it is impossible to avoid it altogether, remember to breathe deeply when feeling overwhelmed. Close your eyes and focus on each breath till your pulse stops racing and your heartbeat stabilises. Meditating for a few minutes daily will also keep stress at bay. Remember to catch up on your sleep whenever you can. Good quality sleep will reduce stress and make your skin glow with health.

We hope these simple tips set you on the path to healthy, radiant skin. Following these tips daily will ensure that you never have acne, and hence, no scars!


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