Fresh, Clear Air…With A Little Help From You!

The air you breathe carries several disease-causing germs. Pick the right air disinfectant to keep illnesses at bay.

Every few years, some part of the world experiences an outbreak of disease. A few years ago, the dreaded H1N1 virus spread across continents and created a global health scare. The WHO finally asked people in affected countries to wear face masks all the time, and to get themselves admitted to hospital if they experienced any swine flu symptoms.

There is always a possibility of serious airborne diseases flying across the world and landing on your doorstep. Meanwhile, other airborne infections that cause cold and even the germs that lead to influenza and chicken pox continue to soar freely through the air. You might be completely unaware of the exact time that the air in your vicinity becomes infected. A stray sneeze, an inadvertent handshake with a person suffering from cold, mistakenly being in contact with a flu patient…disease can spread rapidly and without your knowledge.


It is impossible to monitor the state of the air outside our homes. But inside, we must be in total command of the quality of the air we breathe. Apart from installing air conditioners to constantly eject foul air from our homes, we must invest in a disinfectant that kills airborne germs within seconds. They are known as ‘air disinfectant sprays’.

Why use air disinfectants?

Rising pollution, pollen that triggers respiratory disorders, infection- and illness-causing bacteria all combine to render the air unhealthy. All of us breathe this polluted air and as a result, we begin to fall ill. The hardiest medication cannot combat the constant influx of germ-laden air that enters our bodies. Instead of treating the illness after it occurs, it is better to purify the air we breathe.

You can do this with the help of an air disinfectant spray. These sprays negate the presence of germs and microscopic bacteria in the air, thus purifying it. The air becomes safer to breathe and does not contribute to illness. They also kill odour-causing bacteria and eliminate allergens that trigger allergies and respiratory disorders.

These sprays are best used in times of outbreaks of airborne diseases.

When and where should you use them?

You can use air disinfectant sprays all over the home, but do take your doctor’s advice before spraying them in the vicinity of children and babies. The ones manufactured by reputed companies offer safe and reliable protection for a long period of time. They may even be used on soft surfaces like pillows and cushions to kill bacteria and reduce the presence of dust mites.

Close all the windows and doors before spraying the room. Leave the space and keep the room closed for at least five minutes for the spray to take hold.

You can even use these sprays on hard surfaces that are commonly touched: bannisters, cooking tops, taps on the sink and bathroom, and inside closets to remove musty odours.


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