5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Sex

Everyone thinks they know everything about sex and sex tips. While that may be true in some cases there are various factors and aspects of sex which goes unheard of. There are various health benefits of sex which is very important to maintain a functional life. Here is listed a few things you should know about sex.

Genetics is a factor which decides when you will lose your virginity

It is obvious that people choose at what time they are going to have sex for the first time. However there are reasons why psychologists believe that genetics also play a part in deciding that. Studies have shown twins who lives separately from birth indeed had sex for the first time around the same time. It doesn’t mean that genetics can tell when exactly it will happen but it does give us a general idea.

The clitoris is an internal organ.

Most people know what a clitoris is and where it is located and what it does. Generally it is a stimulation sex organ which can throw women into waves of pleasure. This is generally true but the slight lump of flesh which people think to be the clitoris is actually huge and wraps itself around the vagina when a woman is aroused. It is located within the pelvis and tends to get very sensitive when it is erect. The vagina is stimulated greatly due to the clitoris and it makes sex much more enjoyable for both parties. Researchers didn’t know about this fact till late 90s when they first did an MRI of the region and realised that the greater part of eth clitoris actually lies inside the body. The lump which you see outside is not a small organ either since it contains over 8,000 nerve fibres. This number is twice the amount of nerve fibres found on the tip of a penis.

Sperm has nutritional qualities

Sperm tends to have nutritional qualities. Scientists have found out that a serving of sperm has about the same amount of protein the white portion of a large egg does. Sperm also contains amounts of potassium, vitamin B12, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and zinc. It may not be healthy as a multi vitamin but it does hold some vitamin with pleasurable effects.

Sex improves health

Having sex once or twice a week actually increases and boosts your immune system capabilities. It increases the amount of immunoglobulin A in your body. This antibody lives in your saliva and the mucous linings which help stop colds and flu before they take effect. The immunoglobulin A present in your mouth and nose fight off the viruses before they can enter our system.

Sex makes women look more attractive

Women tend to have an increase in their bodily estrogens levels after sex. This results in shinier hair and softer skin. Estrogens are known to be the fountain of youth for women. The orgasms ensure superior blood flow making their cheeks rosier. Using dotted condoms also stimulate your vaginal tract and helps in keeping your vaginal muscles healthy.


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