How to Care for Your Skin After Waxing

The hair on an adult human body can be divided into two types- androgenic or terminal hair and vellus hair. While androgenic hair develops after puberty, vellus hair i.e. the short, light-coloured barely noticeable hair on the skin that most of us have since childhood. The purpose of this hair is to regulate body temperature. While most men develop copious amounts of terminal hair on the forearm, women tend to retain their vellus hair on their arms. Therefore, arm waxing is often considered optional and is not as popular waxing legs. However, when living in warmer climates, it is probably a good idea to wax your arms as well, as it helps to stay cool. If you do choose to do so, keep in mind these tips to ensure that there are no breakouts after the session.

Arm Waxing After Care

Avoid Hot Water for 24 hours: This includes in the process of getting the depilatory wax of your body. Some products like Veet® Wax Strips With Easy Grip™ – Legs & Body – Sensitive Skin come with perfect finish wipes which is the best way to clean up. Take a cool shower instead of a hot one on the day you wax.

Don’t Expose to Sun: It is important to avoid direct exposure to sun after arm waxing as this increases chances of tanning and sun damage. Opt for a bell sleeves top on the day that you go in for waxing.

Do not Use loofah or mesh sponges: Your pores are wide open and more susceptible to infection, therefore it is best to avoid the everyday loofah or sponge that may contain a lot of bacteria. If you must use a scrubber, choose a soft moistened cloth.

Do not Use Soap /Cream/ Deodorant/ Lotions: All of these contain chemicals that you do not need unless you do not mind breaking out into rashes after waxing. If you generally have dry skin, opt for Veet® Wax Strips With Easy Grip™ – Legs & Body – Dry Skin the depilatory wax in which is formulated with aloe vera extracts to keep you moisturized even on the day you wax. It is also fragranced with lotus extracts to keep you smelling beautiful.

Avoid Swimming: Chlorinated or dirty water will further irritate the skin if you go swimming directly after waxing. Make sure you wait for at least a day before you dive in.

Wait before you Exfoliate: It is important to exfoliate in order to avoid ingrown hair. However, that said, do not start rubbing a pumice stone on your arms on the day you waxed it! Wait for three to four days before you start scrubbing away the dead cells.


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