Does Your Home Make a Good First Impression?

Fabric upholstered sofas are undoubtedly more comfortable and congruent with the traditional décor of an average Middle Eastern home. However, the bad news is that fabric is a magnet for dirt and grime. It is not enough to simply vacuum your sofas once a week as it does nothing about the stains on the fabric. Even if you are particular about the use of antimacassars and throws, it does not prevent the nicks and knacks from creeping into the crevices between the seats or save the covers from accidental spillage of sherbet. It is therefore mandatory to come up with an extensive routine for sofa cleaning. It is after all, one of the first impressions that a person has of your home when they enter it.

Tips on Having a Clean Sofa Set

Check the cleaning label: Most readymade sofas will have one informing you of the care that it requires. It will inform you of the kind of fabric that the upholstery is made of and how you can best clean it. It will also warn you about what could be potentially harmful for the fabric – for instance, a dry clean only fabric may shrink or bleed when it comes into contact with moisture.

Removing a Stain: If the fabric of your sofa is safe for use of water based cleaners, you can opt for an oxygen based stain removal agent like Vanish Oxi Action Power. Treat a particular stain directly by diluting a fourth of a scoop of powder with three fourth scoops of water and creating a paste. Apply the paste and leave it to set for five minutes; then rub stain and watch it vanish before your eyes.

Regular Cleaning: For a more delicate fabric, you can opt for steam sofa cleaning. A steam cleaner will pump water mixed with a cleaner and then suck it out again. It takes a sofa about twenty four hours to dry after this process and it is advisable that this is done once every year for maintaining hygiene. Along with this, a high traffic sofa must be vacuumed every week.

When it comes to sofa cleaning, it is recommended that one sticks to commercially available products as opposed to home remedies. Upholstery could be made of a complex blend of fabrics and it is essential to know the exact way to care for the particular kind.


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