Protected At All Times In Their Senior Years

Going out of the house and interacting freely with others in public places is a daunting task for those senior citizens suffering from incontinence. But there is a way out with adult diapers.

The most challenging task for most senior citizens does not involve money or mobility…it deals with incontinence. With loss of bladder and bowel control, most seniors’ mobility gets restricted – to the extent that they stop going out of the house for fear of not finding a restroom on time.

Travelling for long periods of time, going out for dinner or other entertainment and even eating spicy foods become a distant memory as your beloved older person becomes increasingly frightened of sudden leaks and spills. They dread soiling their clothes and adding to the laundry burden in the house. Most of their favourite activities are cut short due to their incontinence issues. And if they ever need to go on a road trip, their first concern is, ‘Will there be washrooms on the way?’

There is no need for your loved one to suffer in embarrassed silence any more. You can introduce them to adult diapers and help them gain a new lease on life. Here is why using adult diapers helps them:

* They can travel long distances comfortably.

Travelling with the family or taking a solitary ride in the car becomes a thing of the past for many seniors. However, they can get back to travelling whenever they can if they use adult diapers. There is no need to look for a restroom at every stop, nor is there the need to carry an extra bag of underwear and pants. Help your loved ones rediscover the joys of travelling with family and friends all over again. Overnight drives and long flights become joyful instead of stressful with adult diapers.

* They can go out for dinner and drinks as before.

Older people are afraid to try out new spicy food or go to their favourite pub with friends. They fear a sudden attack of indigestion on consuming food they’ve never sampled before. An upset stomach is the incontinence sufferer’s worst enemy. However, an adult diaper can stave off these worries and let your loved one try new cuisines or a new brand of beer.

* Useful for Alzheimer’s patients or bedridden persons.

With a lack of memory and identity, most Alzheimer’s or dementia patients do not have the cognition to use the restroom in an emergency. This means that these patients often suffer ‘accidents’ and may not even be aware that they have soiled their clothes. If they are aware of it, they are often too embarrassed to say anything – which results in sores and infections if the soiled clothes are not changed quickly. The same trouble is experienced by bed-ridden seniors who need to use the bed pan often. Instead, get adult diapers for them and become worry-free.

It is important to choose the right kind of adult diapers which provide the maximum comfort. Look for these when you select diapers for a senior:

– Severity of the incontinence. This will determine the size of the diaper package you need to purchase for a week/month.

– The condition of skin. Many seniors have sensitive skin prone to rashes. The diaper must be made of soft and absorbent cotton that does not irritate the skin. Remember, if your loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s or dementia, he or she is likely to take off an itchy diaper than to keep it on!

– The right fit. The diaper must fit snugly without being tight. It should also not be loose lest its contents leak out. The user must be able to sit in it comfortably after it is taped on.

– Whether the brand is easily available at the drugstore. The diapers must be easily sourced from a local pharmacy because the worst thing to happen is to run out of the supply when needed. If the user is too embarrassed to buy it for himself from the drugstore, procure the packages over the Internet.


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