Steps to Cleaning Oriental Carpets

The significance of the prayer rug in Islam cannot be understated. Other than the religious importance of the sajjadat salat, it is also accounts for the origin of the art of carpet weaving in the Middle East.  It is said that it began with the Prophet Mohammed himself, who used a ‘khumrah’ to pray on – a mat made of palm fronds. It is essential that the prayer mat be used in a clean space and the process of prayer rug cleaning itself takes on a religious importance. It is done every year during the holy month of Ramadan when the rest of the house is also uncluttered and other carpets cleaned. As most traditional Muslim households would be certain to have more than one Persian carpet, the process of cleaning it is very important.

Steps to Cleaning Oriental Carpets

Step 1: Flip your carpet face down on the floor and vacuum the reverse side to get the dirt and grime out of the base. Go over the entire carpet several times, slowly to ensure that the tiniest grain lodged in the knots are extracted.

Step 2: Now turn the carpet around and vacuum the front. Once you have gone over the whole carpet, inspect it for any wear and tear that may require repair. This is an essential step in rug cleaning.

Step 3: Bring the carpet out to an open but shaded area, such as a clean part of the garage. Lay it down on the floor or hang it up on clothes line while you hose it down with cold water.

Step 4: Mix one part Vanish 3 in 1 Carpets & Upholstery Hand Shampoo in 9 parts water. Make a thick foam out of the solution. Now apply the solution onto the front of the carpet with a long bristled soft brush. Use a light hand while combing through the rug with the foam.

Step 5: Vacuum the foam off the carpet instead of rinsing it off. This is a more thorough way of rug cleaning than simply hosing off the foam. It will also help your carpet to dry faster.

While you must follow this ritual once every year, whether during the holy month of Ramadan or at another convenient time, you can also use Vanish 3 in 1 Carpets & Upholstery Hand Shampoo to clean the accidental stains that may occur from time to time. For instance, if you spill a beverage on your carpet, you must first remove the excess by blotting it with a napkin. Then use the foam to wash the area as you normally would.


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