How To Use Cleaning Wipes Correctly

It is not enough to run a disinfecting wipe over a soiled surface in the home. Using the product correctly will ensure a home free of germs and bacteria.

Often, the human eye can detect mess and unclean environs in a split second. The brain is conditioned to believe that a messy environment is the perfect breeding ground for bugs and bacteria – and it often is. But that is not to say that a spotless kitchen counter or a pristine shelf in the bathroom is completely free of germs. These invisible germs are present on every surface and they attack when our defences are at their lowest.

What appears clean may actually just be free of visible surface impurities. The real danger lurks beneath; even a visibly clean surface may be teeming with disease-causing bacteria. Thus, it is important to give all kitchen and bathroom surface a thorough rub down frequently. Even the bedroom areas and such surfaces as bedsteads must be wiped down if your child has been ill with flu or another contagious disease.

The best way to clean surfaces is with the help of handy aids such as cleaning wipes. However, using them correctly is important.

* Some excellent cleaning wipes provide effective germicidal action without the added use of disinfectant sprays. They provide up to 99.9% germ killing action and are designed for use in the kitchen. Use these wipes on cooking tops, counters, outer surfaces of refrigerators, microwave ovens and all surfaces where food and water may spill. There is no need to rinse the cleaned surface with water in most cases.

* Other cleaning wipes are fortified with anti-bacterial properties but may require the additional help of disinfectant sprays to be really effective. Spritz the area to be cleaned with the spray and briskly wipe it down with the cleaning wipe. Leave it to air dry before using the surface again.

* Contaminated surfaces become truly clean if the disinfectant liquid is allowed to dry on them for a few minutes. Do not completely dry the surface with cleaning wipes.

* Wipes must not be reused. This is important especially after cleaning the house after a disease outbreak. Use one wipe for a certain surface, then discard it; for example, do not use a wipe that has just been used in cleaning the kitchen, in the toilet. This will only transport germs from one spot to another. Discard each wipe carefully and out of the reach of children and pets.

* Cleaning wipes may be used on chopping boards and cooking surfaces, but be sure to rinse them clean before you bring them in contact with food. It is a good idea to give the chopping board a good scrub with a clean brush and liquid soap before use.


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