Natural Cough Remedies for Kids

Coughs and sore throats are very common among young children. Like the common cold, there is no complete cure that can make a cough go away.

When Does Coughing and Sore Throat Become Serious

This condition does have the potential to become too painful to suffer, since it can lead to swollen glands and gums, croup, bronchitis, pneumonia and more. Call the doctor if the symptoms are severe or if you’re simply worried.

Your child’s constant coughing and discomfort may keep both you and your child up, require your repeated attention and generally be a harrowing experience.

Cough medication as used for adults is just not recommended for use in children below the age of 6, since it does not work and can be dangerously toxic for the child when combined with other products. Other non-prescription medication, such as antihistamines, decongestants to unblock a stuffed nose, cough suppressants and other expectorants should also be avoided for similar reasons.

Fortunately, many ancient cultural and folk traditions have developed effective cough remedies for kids and older people alike and here we describe some of them for you.

100% Natural Cough Remedies for Kids

  • Natural honey has been recognized as a laxative for the irritated throat. Avoid large doses for the child and stay clear of processed products.
  • Commonly available turmeric sticks when burnt and the fumes inhaled are said to cure coughs. Keep your child in a closed dark room and fill it with this vapor while s/he sleeps for maximum effect.
  • Another method to let the child inhale essential oils is to pour some of the oil onto a steaming tub of water while bathing the child and closing the bathroom door. This helps expand the nasal tubes and lets the mucous flow out naturally.
  • Flowers, leaves and oil from the common herb, thyme, can be taken by mouth to reduce the symptoms of respiratory illnesses that also result in coughing. Thyme applied to the skin is a remedy for laryngitis (hoarse voice), tonsillitis and bad breath.
  • Cloves and ginger can be boiled in water and the mixture given after allowing it to cool a little. This is said to soothe a sore throat.
  • Rub your child’s chest gently for a few minutes with an essential oil, such as olive oil. This eases the lung’s passageways and frees the mucous to flow to the nose and be drained off.
  • Although not an easy remedy, some experts have recommended using a medical suction machine to suck off mucous from your young child’s nose and mouth at least before feeding the baby. Take care to do it gently so as not to harm the baby.
  • Warm water mixed with salt can also be given in small drops as this agitates the sticky and dried mucous, makes it liquid so that it can be drained away. This can be combined with all cough remedies for kids.
  • Pain relievers containing Ibuprofen can also be given to treat any further discomfort the child may be experiencing.

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