Some Acne Scar Treatments For You To Explore

If you have severe acne scarring, your last recourse to a cure may take you to the dermatologist. We list a few scar treatments you can consider.

Acne is one of the worst skin problems anyone can face. It strikes every person in puberty, as the body’s hormonal balance often changes and the skin is still growing. Most people grow out of their skin problems once they cross the teenage years. However, adult acne is a harsh reality for many others.

The more severe the acne problem, the more another issue occurs: acne scarring. Severe acne results in large zits on the face which leave a discolouration or pit on the surface of the skin. While the scar may lighten over time, most scars have the tendency to remain unaffected by home remedies or beauty products. Your final resort is to enlist a dermatologist’s help for acne scar treatment.

As grim as they sound, acne scar treatment procedures are fairly straightforward. A good dermatologist can cure the problem in no time, and also prescribe after-treatment care and medication if necessary. It is important to match the treatment plan with your skin type and its propensity for developing acne.

The following are some treatments you can consider for acne scar treatment:

* Dermabrasion: In this, the uppermost layer of the skin is ‘refashioned’ by peeling off using a diamond-tipped instrument that spins over the skin’s surface rapidly. The doctor may also use a delicate ‘brush’ to cover more surface area. The skin’s upper surface is taken off and the skin is allowed to heal for up to two weeks. A new, fresh layer of skin replaces the earlier layer, completely devoid of marks and pits. However, strict care must be taken in the intervening period to avoid exposure of the peeled skin to the sunlight.

* Laser resurfacing: As the name suggests, this procedure uses a laser beam to resurface the skin. The uppermost layer is removed and the lower layer is made tauter. This process often leaves the skin raw and peeled and post-treatment care is important. The skin is first numbed with a local anaesthetic to minimise pain.

* Injectibles: If your acne has left pits all over your skin, the dermatologist will need to inject a filler material under the pit to ‘raise’ the indented skin. This procedure evens out the skin appreciably. Pits are normally formed when the acne is forcibly removed with a fingernail or popped before removal. If the pit is too deep, a minor surgical procedure may be advised to even out the skin.


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