How to Revamp Your House on a Budget

You might consider taking a personal loan if you are thinking about giving your home a whole new look. What if I say that you can revamp your home without taking a loan? Yes, you can do so on a budget. If you are thinking about throwing the stained carpet away and buying a new one, think again! Buy a carpet shampooer instead.

Top DIY Ideas for Home Improvement

Before you start making any changes to your home, you must ascertain the purpose of the change. Do you want to de-clutter and make more space for children who are growing up or do you want to add a nursery and make your home baby-proof? Many would want to revamp your home to give it a fresh, new look. Here are some interior décor ideas that can help you redo your home on a budget.

  1. Walls – You can change the entire look of a room just by changing the look of a wall with paint or wallpaper. Have you considered accent walls? Accent walls are brightly coloured walls that stand out from the other three walls in a room. You can do accent walls in your living or dining areas. Contrasting furniture makes it looks more sophisticated. You can also use collage picture frames to enhance a wall. This can be done both in the living area as well in the bedroom. For children’s rooms, you can use wall decals or get various cartoon and story book characters painted. If you have an infant in the house, make sure that the paints used are completely harmless and eco-friendly. For a baby’s nursery, use soft colours. You can also use decals.
  1. Lights – The correct amount of lighting completely changes the look of a room. On the contrary, improper lighting might makes the design dull and boring. You can try wall hanging lights but make sure they are fixed at the right place. You can also try new table lamps.
  1. Drapes – The other thing that you can change are cushions, curtains, table rugs and carpets. All these must be picked keeping the theme of the room in mind. The types of material would also make the drapes look different.
  1. Arrangement –Another way of changing the look of a room is changing the arrangement of the furniture. You might add a reading nook with a cabinet at the window for your kids. If you have enough space in the kitchen, you can add an island.

You can also add indoor plants. They give a refreshing feel to the interiors and are easy to maintain. You must also keep maintenance and cleaning products within reach, such as a carpet shampooer. Regular carpet and upholstery cleaning increases their life and keeps them looking as good as new. Try Vanish Oxi Action Carpet & Upholstery Spray. It is known to remove the toughest of carpet stains.


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