5 Movies to Watch When You Are Going Through Your Periods

Mothers are reported to be the primary source of information for young girls about menstruation and menstrual health in KSA, says a research paper published in the Journal of Nursing Education and Practices in September 2015. Apart from the physical pain and inconvenience you go through during periods, you may also experience mood swings during and in the days leading up to the cycle. The mood swings before menstruation are called PMS or Pre Menstrual Syndrome and is primarily due to hormonal imbalances.

5 English Movies to Uplift Your Mood

All you might want to do through your menstruation is curl up in bed and pass your time. You can do this better with your favourite ice-cream and a nice movie on your TV screen. This will not only uplift your mood but also help you forget you menstrual woes. Here are some English movies you can enjoy:

  1. John Tucker Must Die – Contrary to its title, nobody dies in the movie. When three teenage girls discover that they are dating the same guy, they vow to take revenge on him. They setup a new girl in town to break the basketball heartthrob John Tucker’s heart and humiliate him publicly. Released in 2006, this movie reached number 3 on the US charts.
  2. Mean Girls – Cady, played by Lindsay Lohan, joins a new public school and is warned by her new friends to beware of a group of girls known as The Plastics. Cady ends up being a hit among The Plastics. However, things start to get complicated when Cady falls in love with plastic Regina’s ex-boyfriend. Sequel to this 2004 movie is slated for release in 2016.
  3. Miss Congeniality – When a serial bomber makes the US beauty pageant his next target, the FBI decides to plant one of its own undercover for the pageant as a participant. Released in 2000, it is still a great female centric comedy. The lead character, played by Sandra Bullock, is both comic as well as strong.
  4. Bride Wars – If you like weddings, you are going to love this movie. It is a story of two best friends who become competitors over getting the best wedding date and marrying before the other. Bride Wars is an amusing sitcom exploring the trials of love and friendship.
  5. She’s The Man – This is a story about a girl named Viola, who wants to play soccer but the girl’s team gets cancelled and she is not allowed to play in the boy’s team either. So, Viola disguises herself as her brother to fulfil her dream of playing football. This movie is filled with hilarious instances about how Viola manages to keep up with the disguise.

You can also listen to your favourite songs to uplift your mood too during your periods. Keep a hot water bag handy to keep the stomach cramps away.


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