Stop The Embarrassment: Treating Urinary Incontinence Is Possible

Those who suffer urinary incontinence are acutely embarrassed by their condition, especially if a caregiver needs to clean them up post an episode.

It happens to a lot of people. They’re out for dinner with friends, and on laughing or moving suddenly, they realise that they are dripping urine. Or they experience a sudden urge to go to the restroom, but they are in a public bus and they cannot control the urge. There is a sudden sharp feeling, and the bladder loses control.

This condition is called ‘urinary incontinence’. It is a highly embarrassing condition for the sufferer, often restricting mobility for long periods of time. Those who suffer sudden episodes of urine leakage are afraid of stepping out of doors, or venturing to places that have no access to restrooms. They are likely to avoid long distance road travel, or eating spicy food, or even going out with friends for dinner and drinks.

Urine leakage induces constant fear in a person; because of its unpredictable nature, the person suffering from this condition is in peril of soiling his clothes at any time. The bigger embarrassment stems from the person’s fear of persecution by others: he might ask himself, ‘What if somebody sees that I have soiled my clothes? What if others are disgusted by me?’ It is a sad state of mind to be in, where he is afraid to laugh, cough or even drink adequate amounts of water. Often, people suffering from urinary incontinence stop drinking water for fear of their bladders giving way entirely – this results in other problems like poor digestion, kidney stones, accumulation of toxins in the body and reduced oxygenation of the blood.

If your loved one or the person you care for suffers from bouts of urine leakage, reassure them that they need not be embarrassed about it. It is often an age-related health issue, but it is curable. An experienced doctor can test the person and suggest a treatment plan to keep the condition under control. There have been cases where the problem of urinary incontinence has been cured even in senior citizens of advanced years.

In the meantime, advise the senior citizen about using comfortable adult diapers that can prevent the possibility of leaked urine spreading on to the clothes. These diapers fit snugly and do not cause rashes or skin sensitivity. Also, they are not visible from outside the clothes and do not result in ‘extra padding’ around the hip area, so nobody will know if the person is wearing the diaper.

These incontinence products can improve the quality of life dramatically – they give the wearer the confidence that sudden urine leakages remain undetected and are absorbed rapidly. It is possible to have a normal life as before with such a product by one’s side. Your loved one can travel, go out for movies and dates, have drinks at the local club, eat spicy food, exercise and even run with grandchildren with adequate protection using adult diapers. There is no need to carry an emergency load of underwear on long distance trips, either.

Most importantly, they take away the embarrassment of urinary continence. So here’s to happy, worry-free times with adult diapers!


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