4 Amazing Places to Visit for Good Food in Manama, Bahrain

Manama, Bahrain’s capital, is one of the most sought after cities in the country. With a diverse population and expats from all over the world living here, this is definitely a great place for a holiday, especially for Italians. Apart from being the business hub of the country and the Gulf Region, the city is also a great tourist destination. It would be fair to say that it is one of the top tourist destinations, given that BQ Magazine pegs tourism as contributing at least 20% of the nation’s GDP. Manama, Bahrain, is the gateway for many Arabs and expats living in the Gulf region to enjoy and spend some quality time, while enjoying along Bahraini cuisine and drinks, which are otherwise banned in Arabian countries.

Best Places to Eat in Manama

When it comes to eating your heart out, Manama, Bahrain, leaves you spoilt for choice, with the entire range on offer, from pocket-friendly food joints to 5-star restaurants.

Here are some of the best restaurants in you should definitely try for good food in the city:

  1. Café Lilou’s – This restaurant is a must for those seeking good food with a beautiful ambience. French architecture and interiors with polished wood floors, and the delectable cuisine make this place quite popular with expats and locals alike. The café also has gorgeous outdoor seating, which makes it a great place to pop into with friends.
  1. Masso – this eatery belongs to none other than popular chef Susy Massetti. Known for its fresh ingredients and best in class food, the atmosphere here will make you feel that you are already in a familiar and comfortable place. You can choose from the best Mediterranean dishes here.
  1. Haji Gahwa – One of the best places if you want to try Bahraini or Middle Eastern cuisine, this place boasts biryanis that are simply lip smacking and usually served with chopped onions and a salad made from cucumber and tomatoes. The laneway tables enhance the experience, allowing you to enjoy your meal while enjoying a warm Gulf night.
  1. Bahay Kubo – This is traditional Filipino restaurant, and many consider it the best restaurant in Manama, Bahrain, because it offers the finest quality of food. The restaurant also has a private room, where you can enjoy social functions and small parties with your family and friends. It often gets busy during lunch and dinner time, so you might need to book your table in advance.

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