How Doctors Treat Hair Loss

The loss of your hair can be a crippling embarrassment, especially if you are young. You might need to undergo a cosmetic treatment to restore your hair.

A head of thick, shiny hair…a curtain of lustrous locks that swish from side to side…everybody desires healthy, thick hair that catches the light. But many of us do not have the hair of our dreams. We stare longingly at the shining manes of fashion models on TV or in magazines, wondering how we too can get such excellent hair.

Many of us also battle constant hair loss. Despite our best efforts – good diet, exercise, regular oil massages – our hair seems to be constantly leaving our scalp. Just one shower can result in a lot of our precious hair circling the drain. After a point, it seems like there is no end to your hair woes and you consult a doctor for your troubles.

The doctor will recommend hair loss treatments based on the type and extent of hair loss.

Topical medication. The most common type of hair loss is alopecia, which can be full or partial in extent. It is largely curable with a change in diet and lifestyle, apart from topical application of certain medication to boost hair growth. The hair loss is first arrested by strengthening the hair roots, then new hair growth is encouraged with medication and diet. The medication may be in the form of a lotion or oil that the person must rub onto the scalp to stimulate new hair growth.

Surgical treatment. The doctor may recommend a surgical hair loss treatment if you have large swathes of hairless areas on your head. This is done only after ascertaining that the hair follicles in these bald areas are either dead or too weak to grow new hair; however, the skin has the potential to accept a graft. Thus, the doctor will transplant a small patch of skin from the thigh or back (and which already contains active hair follicles) and fix it over the bald area. Once the skin accepts this transplant, it allows natural hair growth in that area. Another treatment is to ‘weave’ hair onto the bald patch, but this hair does not grow later.

Laser treatment. A low intensity laser beam is used on the bald areas of the head for a few minutes at a time. This hair loss treatment is said to stimulate the scalp and aid increased blood circulation. It also activates the tired hair roots and promotes new hair growth. It is not a widely used method and a trained technician or doctor are needed to administer the laser beam.

Hair loss is also caused by stress, illness, antibiotic usage, lack of sleep and a poor diet. Normally, enhanced blood circulation to the scalp is known to arrest hair loss. This is why most people suffering hair loss are advised to undergo regular oil massages to stimulate the scalp into growing stronger, thicker hair.


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