Bahrain – The One Place that gives you a Lifestyle you’d never have thought of

Bahrain is an ideal destination for foreigners looking to invest, open new businesses, or find high-paying jobs with a high standard of living. Did you know that Bahrain is the first country in the Gulf region to start male and female education, the first to establish a Chamber of Commerce, the first to establish a banking sector? There are many more firsts. Bahrain has been the first Gulf nation to introduce democratic reforms and embark on a privatization program. The Bahrain Bourse is a dynamic institution that allows foreigners as well to buy and sell stocks, bonds and units of mutual funds.

Top 5 Reasons why Bahrain is the place to be

  1. Great for work or for business- The economy is diversified, with the country being the first among Gulf nations to develop other sectors in the economy. Literacy is 95%. The cost of doing business in Bahrain is about 40% lower than in Dubai and Qatar, according to the KPMG report The 2014 Cost of Doing Business in Bahrain in the Financial Services.
  2. Low costs and a high standard of living- According to a March 2014 Economic Intelligence Unit report, basic costs such as charges for utilities are the lowest in Bahrain as compared to other countries in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. The government imposes no taxes whatsoever. Houses are luxurious, and house help is also more affordable in Bahrain than in other Gulf nations.
  3. Proximity to other Gulf nations and Europe- Saudi Arabia is just a 30 minute drive from Manama. The major European capitals are seven to eight hours away.
  4. Liberal atmosphere- Bahrain has one of the most liberal cultures among the Gulf nations. There are no restrictions on women, only that they be modestly dressed. Alcohol is freely available in the many restaurants and cafes. Crime is low. There are various different festivals throughout the year.
  5. Family friendly- Bahrain has an excellent health care system. There are many private and international schools for your children. There are also a plethora of family entertainment options, such as amusement parks, water parks, wildlife parks, beaches, restaurants and so on. Shopping options include the traditional souks, malls and boutiques.

With the Bahrain Bourse, many investment options, job opportunities, low costs of living, and a great lifestyle, Bahrain has much to offer.


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