The best solution to skin problems: pigmentation treatment

It takes the best pigmentation cures to restore your skin’s radiant beauty. Are you a candidate for skin pigmentation treatment?

Dubai enjoys lovely sunny weather for most parts of the year. The air is crisp and full of promise – but the sunlight is undoubtedly harsh! The hot sunlight can add years to your skin – it strips the moisture off your precious skin, accelerates ageing, and causes age spots, rashes and fine lines to appear. If you’re not careful, you can soon become a much older-looking version of yourself.

Most skin problems are at the surface but their solution lies deep within. Age spots, freckles, patches and uneven complexion are all categorised under skin pigmentation. However, sometimes internal factors such as hormonal changes and one’s genetic make-up are also responsible for it. Some women’s skin is simply prone to patches and freckles. But whatever the reason for it, there is always a skin pigmentation remedy you can try.

Some women trust natural remedies to rectify the situation. Many substances found in the kitchen may indeed repair and rejuvenate the skin and reduce pigmentation. Masks and peels made from fresh fruits and vegetables, or simple beauty fixes such as consuming vegetable juices or smoothies, apart from sipping water at regular intervals, will all ensure that skin pigmentation is reduced and eliminated.

But if the problem is a persistent one, you might need to seek a dermatologist’s help in eliminating it. An experienced dermatologist will study the issue before prescribing a treatment suited to your skin type and tone. The best skin care clinics in Dubai prescribe treatments for skin affected by sun damage, pollution, weather changes and lifestyle disorders. The scars and signs of damage are effectively eliminated with a combination of diet changes and treatments to abet the skin’s natural repair and renewal process.

Skin care clinics can prescribe pigmentation reducing peels that lighten and remove the stubborn signs of skin pigmentation. These peels are sufficient for surface pigmentation. However, deeper damage needs a more intense approach. The dermatologist will recommend a different course of action over a period of sessions to resurface, hydrate and repair the skin’s damage.

Meanwhile, you can help your skin combat the signs of damage with a few remedial measures of your own. Try these simple measures for optimum skin health:

  • Daily exercise, to rev up blood circulation and the flow of oxygenated blood to the skin.
  • Deep tissue massages, to stimulate the skin from within and help eliminate toxins.
  • Drinking green tea or chamomile tea every day to fight oxidants and free radicals that damage the skin.
  • Eating nutritious, fresh cooked food every day to settle digestion issues and optimise skin health. Stay away from fizzy drinks, alcohol, red meat and excess sweets to eliminate skin problems.
  • Follow a cleansing-toning-moisturising routine for the skin every day. Remove make-up and perfume before going to bed.
  • Sleep for at least seven hours every night and wake up to glowing skin in the morning.

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