Why are Manual Cars more suited for a Saudi Drive?

According to a study conducted by the Traffic Safety Committee in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, the total volume of economic losses arising from traffic accidents stands at a whopping SR 3 billion every year! So, if you are planning a car purchase in the country and wish to drive on your own, choosing the right car for the challenging terrain is important. Experts believe that 4X4 manual drives are ideal for this part of the world for road safety and a host of other reasons. We take a look at some of these reasons here.

Manual Drives for Saudi Arabian Roads: Why are they Suitable?

Here are some of the top benefits you stand to gain when you choose 4×4 manual drive vehicles in Saudi Arabia:

  1. They are Cheaper to Buy and Maintain: If you are an expatriate in the country, lifestyle here could seem high priced. And opting for a manual drive will ensure you bring home your car for a far lower price than their automatic variants. Maintenance is also cheaper because a 4X4 manual drive of a reputed make will require very little maintenance and even if they do, it will be significantly low cost. The only thing you need to maintain well is the clutch and you are all done.
  2. They Ensure Better Control: Automatic transmission vehicles are designed for choosing the best and the most suitable gear for a given situation. However, when it comes to caution, they tend to err. Shifting to a gear that’s too high will end up wasting engine power. Besides, the response to conditions is automatic. The driver cannot anticipate a forthcoming condition and select the suitable gear. This is why manual transmission offers more control over the vehicle and is more suitable for accident prone regions.
  3. They are Less Likely to be Stolen: With the number of automatic transmission cars on the rise, there is now a complete generation that has no knowledge of manual transmission drives. And this is what makes these vehicles far less desirable. Therefore, manual versions are not attractive enough for most criminals.


Your 4X4 manual transmission car will also score on fuel efficiency. However, owing to the dirt cheap prices of petrol in this part of the world, this attribute may not be of much importance to you. However, such drives are considered ideal for driving across the sandy desert terrain.


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