Why You Need a Specific Sanitary Napkin for Your Body

A cross sectional study of over 172 KSA medical university students revealed the prevalence of PMS among 78.5 percent of the female students. The study was carried out between March and May 2013 and published in the Scientific and Academic Publishing Journal. Discussion about menstruation and menstrual health are still considered no less than taboo. But as a woman, you must make yourself aware of the various facets of menstruation. It is a natural process that affects your body every month and is closely related to other female body functions.

Different Types of Sanitary Pads and How to Choose One

It is essential to maintain the utmost levels of personal hygiene at all times during menstruation. This will prevent uneasiness, infection and rashes. Before sanitary napkins came in to existence, women used menstrual rags to soak up the blood. These rags were made of cloth, wool and animal hair. The evolution of disposable sanitary pads has paved the way for better menstrual hygiene. However, you might find yourself in a fix while choosing the most appropriate one for yourself.

There are not only so many brands available in the market but also many different types of shapes and sizes. They differ on their soaking capability, thickness, winged or not, and so on. Given below are various types of sanitary pads available in the market:

  • Liners – These are thin and must be used at the end of the period, when the flow has almost ceased. They can also be used to absorb white discharge.
  • Maxi Pads – There are thick napkins that are capable of absorbing heavy flow. You can also opt for winged maxis for extra protection. It minimizes the chances of leakage.
  • Ultra – These are thin but have good absorbent capacity.
  • Nocturnal – These are basically designed as all nighters, when you lie down for a long time at a stretch. They are broad at the tail end.

Sanitary pads also come either with a latex cover or a cotton cover. You might have to go through a number of trials to find out which is better for you. Latex covers may not suit everyone and you might develop rashes. Cotton ones, on the other hand, are comfortable and breathable. You must not shy away from trying new napkins to find out the most suitable one according to your flow and comfort. You must change your sanitary napkins as when needed, depending on the soaking capacity of the pad and your blood flow. Generally, it is advisable to change every 5 to 6 hours to maintain proper hygiene. Also, you must not flush down the used pads. Wrap them in paper and dispose them off in the trash.


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