Work Culture in Bahrain

Bahrain was named the top expat destination in the Middle East by the Inter Nations Expat Insider 2015 survey, says an article published in in September 2015. It is one of the most liberal countries in the Middle East region, with increasing job opportunities. For those seeking employment in Bahrain, this might just be the right time to be a part of a growing economy.

Advantages of Working in Bahrain

The non-Bahraini employment percentage stood at 77.2 of the total employment as of December 2014, according to The country not only offers numerous job opportunities but also a culture of appropriate work-life balance. Given below are some reasons why many prefer Bahrain as an expat destination and how it is offers a favourable work culture.

  1. Relaxed Tax Laws – No personal income tax increases your net income, which in turn gives you the opportunity to send more money home.
  2. Lifestyle and Culture – Although the state follows the religion of Islam as their national religion, the state is quite liberal and is open and welcoming of other faiths and cultures. The state is open to activities such as gambling and alcohol consumption. There are various kinds of sports one can participate in, such as desert driving, fishing, golf and water sports. These also are great opportunities to socialise.
  3. Progressive Labour Laws – Since 2006, the country has been constantly evolving its labour laws in order to welcome expat workers.
  4. Low Cost of Living – The basic amenities of water, electricity and gas are made available at comparatively low cost, as compared to the other GCC countries. This decreases the overall cost of living. Moreover, there is ease of transport and home or office rental.
  5. Education – The state has one of the most sought after education systems among the GCC countries. In fact, it was the first among the GCC nations to establish a formal education system. Although Arabic is the first language, English is widely known and spoken.
  6. Growing Job Opportunities – This was primarily a petrol producing economy; although it has now diversified with the service sector playing a major role in its diversification. It has one of the most mature financial systems. The financial system was first established in the 1970s. With the diversification of the economy, opportunities for employment in Bahrain have also been increasing.

If you are looking for employment in Bahrain, check out about getting a work visa. A work visa is only approved if you have a confirmed job offer letter. Your employer will be responsible for getting you a residence visa once you reach the country.


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