Get rid of your body hair permanently

Laser treatments work well with body hair – the results are fairly permanent and the hair comes back sparse.

Smooth skin with no hair on it is a delight to behold. Every time you wax your arms and legs, you feel like touching your skin over and over again. Hairless skin looks glossy and clear, and it creates an instant good impression as well. Naturally, every woman tries her best to remove her body hair because it looks inappropriate and ugly.

But it is irksome to thread, shave, tweeze, wax, bleach and do myriad other things to remove unwanted body hair every few days. Instead, why not opt for a permanent fix? Imagine a treatment that removes hair forever…so you don’t need to ever bother about body hair again! This is possible if you opt for laser hair removal. It is a painless procedure that does not cause scarring or injury. In the hands of an experienced dermatologist, laser hair removal is the best possible method to remove body hair.

How it is done. The treatment involves lasers and cooling techniques to soothe the skin during and after the treatment. Hair is removed painlessly from the root so that it does not come back. A laser beam is shot right at the root of the hair to help its easy removal. This treatment does not damage the skin, though it might become a little tender to the touch. The actual hair is removed painlessly after the laser beam directs controlled heat to burn the hair at the root. The beam might be a localised one that pinpoints a small patch of skin at a time, or a wide swathe of light that covers a large patch of skin at once.

Why is it effective? The dermatologist will take care to see that the skin is not harmed with the laser hair removal treatment. Using cooling pads to numb the skin and protect it from heat damage is crucial. Since the hair is weeded out from the roots, it does not return for months at a time. This frees you from the chore of booking yourself for frequent hair removal appointments at your salon.

Post-treatment care. Your skin might be a little sore or slightly inflamed after the procedure. Most women report no side-effects to the treatment at all. However, you must take utmost care of your skin after the procedure. Apply a moisturiser approved by the dermatologist every day, and do not expose the skin to direct sunlight for at least two weeks. Showering with cold water is best, as is wearing soft cotton clothes so that you do not irritate the skin. The dermatologist will schedule a follow-up session after a few weeks to monitor the progress of the procedure. You can ask for an appointment if your skin is irritable, sore, red or painful to the touch even two weeks after the procedure.


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