What You Need to Know When Buying a Car in Saudi Arabia

You have made a decision to buy a car. Well, there are many considerations you need to keep in mind. The car you purchase will depend on your budget, the number of passengers you expect to carry, and the uses to which you will put your car. Once you have finalized your car’s brand and the model you want to buy, you can look for the best car prices in Saudi Arabia.

Tips on How to Buy a Car in Saudi Arabia

  1. The car you buy will depend on factors such as your budget, the number of people who will be travelling in the car, and what your car will be used for.
  2. When looking at your budget, also keep in mind regular costs such as car servicing and car insurance, in addition to the upfront price of the car.
  3. You will need to decide whether you want a passenger car (with five seats or less), or if a larger car will be required. In Saudi Arabia, only families are allowed to buy SUVs and minivans, i.e. cars that seat more than five passengers.
  4. Any car in Saudi Arabia must be suited to its harsh weather conditions. Air-conditioning is a must. Good tires are also important, as they can get damaged in extreme heat. If you are planning to take your car to the desert, it may be a good idea to purchase a four-wheel drive.
  5. You must also consider the price and availability of spare parts. Spare parts for European and American cars are often more costly and involve longer waiter periods than those for Korean or Japanese cars.
  6. You will need to decide on which financing options you will use. Dealerships and banks both offer loans to buy cars. You should know about how much insurance will cost before you negotiate a loan, as the car price will often include the first year-s insurance cost. Car insurance in Saudi Arabia comes in two forms, third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance. Third-party insurance covers the damage your car causes due to an accident, but doesn’t cover any damage to your car. Comprehensive car insurance covers all damage, whether to the car of the insured or of the injured party. However, comprehensive insurance can only be purchased on cars that are not more than ten years old. Once you know all the cost components, you can look for the best car prices in Saudi Arabia.

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