Work Here and Do Not Pay a Dime in Tax!

Bahrain is an ideal destination for those seeking Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) employment opportunities, such as a tax-free regime, luxurious living, a cosmopolitan society, and a great working environment. Bahrain has many firsts to its name. It was the first to offer education opportunities to females, establish a Chamber of Commerce, set up a banking sector, put in place a diversification strategy and build up the non-oil sector so as to make economic growth sustainable, initiate reforms such as democratizing the government and privatizing the public sector, sign a free trade agreement (FTA) with the US, and co-found the GCC Common Market.

Why Seek Employment in Bahrain?

  1. Bahrain provides a lot of GCC employment opportunities, given the fact that there are many MNCs, and that Bahrain is a regional Islamic finance hub, in addition to having other growing sectors such as information communication and technology, professional and technical services, and so on. Bahrain has a high literacy rate of 95%; the workforce is bi-lingual, highly skilled and well-educated. You will find yourself working mostly with other expats; 77% of those employed were expats, and 28% were Bahraini, as of December 2014. The unemployment rate was a low 3.8% at the end of 2014. The fact that there is such a large expat workforce means that Bahrain has an international work culture and a modern work environment, along with plenty of job opportunities.
  2. Bahrain’s legal and tax framework provides incentives for businesses, thus generating more GCC employment opportunities, while also attracting expats. Bahrain allows 100% foreign ownership in all sectors. There is no corporate tax, wealth tax, withholding tax, tax on capital gains, or personal income tax. Bahrain allows for 100% repatriation of profits by companies. The legal system has deep foundations and is very robust. The Bahrain Chamber of Dispute Resolution, along with the American Arbitration Association, provides best in class dispute resolution facilities. According to the 2016 Index of Economic Freedom created by the Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation, Bahrain has the 18th rank globally, and is a regional leader among Gulf countries.
  3. Bahrain provides the best standard of living and a cosmopolitan society. Bahrain attained the highest rank in the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey among the countries in the GCC, and is the fourth best place to live and work in globally. Bahrain has everything you need, the best schools and medical care, tourist attractions, a variety of shopping options, and modern spas and fitness clubs.

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