5 Easy Different Sex Positions you Should Try!

Curling up on bed with your lover on a rainy night and getting lost in each other’s eyes is nothing but awesomeness unlimited! The sizzling chemistry between both of you is rekindled after what seemed ages – and you gear up for a refreshingly beautiful night together. Your guy starts caressing your breasts, tickles your belly button and reaches for your clitoris and within minutes, you are on cloud nine, or rather, on the ‘cloud of orgasm’.

But, wait! If you are a virgin or an amateur, you should be knowledgeable about the various sex positions in order to please your partner.

We would help you explore the different sex positions, so are you ready for them?

#1. Missionary:

This is one the most traditional sexual positions ever!

You need to lie down on your back while your guy lies on top of you. You might spread your legs wide. If you are adventurous, you might wrap your legs around him. As the guy lies on top of you, obviously, he is in complete control of the sped of penetration. Tell him to go about it slowly.

#2. Doggy Style:

Doggy style is among the favorite sex positions for men, as per surveys. It is really simple.

Just kneel down on your hands and knees. Let your man kneel down right behind you. This sexual position enables a man to enjoy deep penetration. It offers him an easy way to fondle your breasts and kiss your neck as well.

However, ask your partner to go slow at first.

#3. Girl on Top:

Several girls simply love to experiment with this sexual position. As the name explains, you lie on top of your man.

Move your body just the way it suits your comfort levels, if you do not have an idea about what to do once you are on top of him. Discover which movements offer you the utmost pleasure. You can also grab his penis and lower yourself onto it.

#4. Reverse Cowgirl:

This sexual position resembles that of the Girl on Top, but it is just the reverse. I will tell you how.

Ask your guy to lie down on his back. Now, lie down on top of your partner with your back facing him. Although, your guy would not be able to see your front portion, he would enjoy the view of your back. In this pose, you can try out a number of variations with your body.

#5. 69:

This is another wonderful sexual position that appeals to many people!

In the ‘69’ position, you attend to the private parts of your partner, while he takes care of your private parts. The best part about this position is that both of you experience sexual bliss simultaneously.

These are some of the different sex positions that are not only easy, but also extremely enjoyable at the same time. So, the next time you hit the sack together, make sure you explore these amazing sexual positions with your lover.


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