Which are the Best Trucks in Saudi Arabia?

Toyota has proven its position as the manufacturer of the best built cars once again. Toyota bagged two prestigious awards in the Middle East Car of the Year Awards (MECOTY) 2016. The award-winning models were the ‘Best Midsize Truck’ for the Toyota Hilux and the ‘Best Midsize Sedan’ for the Camry. These awards were based on the ruling of a jury of a dozen automobile journalists from leading publications in the region.

Hilux Voted Best Truck in Midsize Segment

The reason for the automobile manufacturer’s success in the Middle East is no doubt due to its reputation for quality, durability and reliability that has been built over decades and the new Hilux utility truck is no exception. This is the eighth generation Hilux on sale, and while earlier versions concentrated on its rugged performance and strength, the new version has improved its existing standards of passenger comfort and the driving experience.

Toyota is no stranger to expanding the envelope on its vehicles. Despite having a winner in the best truck category in the Hilux, the company threw its existing plans for an upgrade out of the window in 2009 and introduced an all new version despite being half-way through its earlier development program.

Available in an option of single and double cabins, with a choice of 2 or 2.7 litre petrol and 2.4 litre diesel engine variants, the improved transmission has improved fuel efficiency by 15% and is, of course, available in both 2WD and 4WD. The eighth generation vehicle also sports what Toyota calls its ‘Keen Look’ design philosophy. Physically translated, this design approach is responsible for the slim projector headlights and the interiors that have a centrally-positioned console and AC vents.

Strong Reputation, Stronger Engineering

Over the years, the Hilux has gathered quite a few achievements and feats to its credit. It was the first automobile to reach the magnetic north pole in 2007. The event was promoted as the Hilux Artic Challenge by Toyota and featured in Top Gear, the popular BBC automobile TV show.

In two of the episodes of the same show, a Hilux was subjected to the most destructive tests imaginable, including being driven into walls, set on fire, hit by a wrecking ball, washed into the Bristol Channel and even placed on the roof of a building that was demolished. In all this destruction, the Hilux was simply cleaned, given minor repairs and no replacement of parts and could still be driven. Not one to rest on its laurels, a modified Hilux was the first four-wheel drive vehicle to be driven from a Russian Scientific outpost in Antarctica to the geographic south pole and back.

Considering that the Hilux model first came to life in 1968 and still rules mid-sized truck sales around the world, its awards and accolades as the best truck are well-deserved indeed.


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