BED-BUGGED! How to get over?

Bugged from bed bugs? Longing for a peaceful night of sleep, free of these blood sucking creeps? Read along to know how….

After a long ,tiring and hot day, nothing seems more tempting than a sweet shower and a long slumber in your fluffy bed. But OUCH!! What’s this? You seem to have company and not a very pleasant one at that. The sharp sting you felt the moment you lay down was, oh yes, you guessed it right, a big fat BED BUG, ready to feast onto your blood! All you want is to kill the creep but alas! He has his own army of bugs, ready for the attack. So what should you do? Is the battle lost?

Well, don’t you worry, for bed bug control help is at hand. But in order to kill your enemy, you must know your enemy well.


Well, these are wingless insects, which feed on the blood of warm blooded animals like humans. They live and breed in the dark crevices like those of beds and mattresses. Their bites leave the skin very itchy, worse than a mosquito bite.


Bed bugs hunt their victims at the dead of the night, when they are guard less and fast asleep. the saliva of the bed bugs leave lesions on the skin of their hosts, which look very similar to mosquito bites. Many victims don’t even realize that they’ve been bitten by bed bugs, not mosquitoes.


After biting, these creepy creatures inside dark and out of sight places like inside the bed mattress , crevices and cracks in the bed , loose wallpapers, electric switch plates and beddings as well.


The bed bug control problem is growing two- fold, with the pests not limiting themselves only to our homes, but elsewhere as well. Hotels, movie theaters, and even hospitals are facing this pesky problem.


Precaution is always better than here we have a few handy tips for bed bug control:

  • Put all you mattresses out in the sun on a bright ,sunny day. This helps in disinfecting the mattresses and killing the hidden bugs.
  • Wash your bed Lenin regularly with hot water.
  • Vacuum clean your beds, mattresses, carpets and floors on a regular basis.
  • Be on a look-out for bed bugs. The moment you spot one, it’s time to get pest control done. As they say, “Nip the problem in the bud.”
  • Check your lenin and mattresses regularly for tiny bugs and small poppy shaped eggs.
  • Do not ignore the other furniture. Check your drawers, wallpapers, chairs, tables regularly for bed bugs.
  • Do not stock old newspapers, magazines and cardboards as they serve as hiding places and breeding grounds for bed bugs and other pests.

So be alert and be smart, for getting rid of pests is an art! Follow the tips and see the outcome, for the bed bugs will know, that in your house, they are not welcome!


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