Having Sex on Period safe or not?

The immense emotions playing hide and seek with his sheltering arms wrapped around your body, touching every area every corner. You want his lips to be that ship that travels the ocean of your skin, exploring every depth. Now that he wants to touch your soul, you had this wake-up call “Oh honey! That’s not going to happen for it is not safe as I am down.”And the series of those feelings comes to a stop because the female is on her period.

Sex on periods is one such myth which came out of the closet and became a topic of discussion among the couples especially after the release of the book 50 shades of grey. Wherein all the fantasies of people came open and clear with what exactly they want so that they can feel the immeasurable pleasure. There are many opinions and personal choice of having it. But, this is to inform that it is safe. Even the doctors say just go with the flow, it is perfectly safe for both partners. The best part about it is women who have experienced feel more aroused more sensitive and find more pleasure in reaching the highest level of orgasm. Expert researchers suggest that orgasms during this time can be an aid healing and relieve the menstrual cramping and PMS. What can a lady ask more than this?

It may grab attention that there are many health benefits that come along with it.


  • It helps in reducing that pain one feel in the stomach and always cribbing about the pain while you are down
  • The uterus contract every time she has orgasm leading to reduction in the length of period
  • Helps in creating greater intimacy equivalent to more than satisfactory sex
  • Menstruation makes them hornier and turns on guys leading to great sex. Great sex automatically indicates towards a person with a happy face and great content.


This necessarily doesn’t need to be gross. It is just an old perception that found its space over a long span of time stating periods needs to be a private thing. Gone are those days when ladies used to withhold sex during her period. Now she prefers taking various measures into consideration so as to prevent the stain from spreading around. Like having a dark colored towel stretched on the bed, using female condoms etc. It definitely would get messy but getting that erotic feeling with your partner is enough to take all the pains.


So, to summarize, seeing the red hot ketchup all over your favorite hot dog is not preferred by some but if they can’t handle a girl during her periods, then it is the time to rethink and find the right person who is capable of having some fun in all kinds of situations. So, what if a girl is on her period, just remember your worth and enjoy the moments even when a girl is a mess.


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