What Kinds of Job Opportunities are Available in Bahrain?

The Gulf countries have seen exponential growth in last 50 years and Bahrain is one of the most forward looking cosmopolitan countries in the region. It has an incredibly high literacy rate of 94.1% and a low unemployment rate of just 3.9%. According to the nation’s Labour Market Regulatory Body, the country provided employment to 582,407 workers by the first quarter of 2016. The LMRA issued 50,160 new regular work permits during this period, representing an annual growth of 48.1%. The total number of people employed in the country stood at 743,290. Bahraini careers not only provide good opportunity for its own citizens but also for qualified workers from all over the world.

Top Paid Jobs in Bahrain


  1. Sales/Marketing: Ever since Bahrain’s government made its rules flexible, more and more foreign companies are making their way into the market. More companies means more competition and the only way to survive in the competitive world is by marketing your product effectively. This has opened the doors of opportunity for people involved in the sales and marketing arena. The head of marketing at a multinational company was earning $10,714 per month in 2012.


  1. Banking: More money means more banks. This is exactly what has happened with Bahrain. As investments grew, so did the demand for people who had expertise in managing such huge amounts of money. People at the ranks of branch manager and treasury manager make a decent amount of money in the country. The average pay for these ranks is $10,344 per month.


  1. Human Resources: Many of you might be surprised to know that HR professionals in Bahrain earn more than the IT heads! This hike in salary is mainly because of their ability to hunt for good talent. The average salary of a human resource manager in the country is $9,673.


  1. Real Estate: The government’s vision to shift the economic dependence of the nation from oil and petroleum sector towards construction has helped the real estate industry. It has provided more opportunities for real estate mangers at good pay scales. The average salary for this position is $9,041 per month.


  1. PR and Advertising: Both these sectors go hand in hand and just like the marketing sector, they have benefited from the growing competition between investors. The average salary of an advertising creative director was $8,576, while that of a public relations director is $8,866.30 in 2012.


If you are looking for a better career, Bahrain careers offer good opportunities for a successful professional life.


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