Convenient, 24/7 and without boundaries…

Online banking makes life easier since you can efficiently keep track of your finances at any time of day or night.

The Internet completely revolutionised the way the world did business or sought information when it was first brought into use. Initially used for business communication, the digital medium soon expanded its reach to entertainment, retail and other sectors that touch consumers’ daily lives.

It was to be expected that as the world shrunk in response to the Internet’s wide reach, sectors such as banking and finance would touch consumers’ lives much more. Hitherto, industries such as banking were quite alienating in terms of services and information dissemination. One had to mandatorily visit the bank to withdraw cash, deposit cheques and perform myriad other functions.

The digital medium, however, completely changed this aspect of banking: now, one can ‘bank’ from home or any other part of the world, at any hour. Moreover, one need not visit the bank for anything! These are the prominent wonders of online banking.

The best of banking – online

Banks in the UAE have responded magnificently to the challenge of all its customers seeking to perform online banking functions at all hours, effect money transfers, request cheque and account status, etc. It is a major task to maintain 24/7 functionality, and premier UAE banks have succeeded in not just bringing the bank to one’s laptop or mobile phone, but to also transfer all its operations online.

Customers can bank at any hour for free, in a highly secure environment that offers quick and convenient solutions to every conundrum. The best banks in the UAE offer a single snapshot of all one’s accounts, credit card usage, and the most updated status for bill payment, cheque issuance and even loans.

Apart from paying utility and credit card bills, customers can keep track of all their financial transactions by themselves. All account features and benefits are intelligently and simply laid out so that the customer is not confused while using them. Besides, there are many quick navigation capabilities introduced in the layout so that routinely used features (such as Payment Transfers) appear prominently on the screen.

Perhaps the biggest innovation in online banking offered by premier UAE banks is the ability to open a savings account without paperwork or physical form submission to the bank. Not only do customers open the savings account online in minutes, they can also earn a higher rate of interest on them.


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