How to Feel Good with A Sore Throat

A sore throat is like being half-way sick but not completely. While your throat might seem itchy and your voice might be going hoarse, you are still not sick enough to need bed rest. In a country like Saudi Arabia where dust storms are as common as stars in the night sky, scores of people report sick with respiratory problems in the aftermath. Bacterial and viral infections borne by sandstorms infect those who have weaker immune systems the most. Government warnings and health officials regularly advice people to stay indoors, especially children, pregnant women and senior citizens.

If you have symptoms of a sore throat and need to cheer yourself up, try these simple remedies along with your sore throat medicine to lift your spirits and feel better.

Three Ways to Feel Better

Sip a hot cup: It does not matter what you sip. Warm drinks like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup and broth will ensure that you stay hydrated as well as reduce the scratchy sensation at the back of your throat. Try mixing honey in warm water or lemon or orange juice in warm water. It will work just as well. The honey will soothe the mucus surfaces in your throat and the warm water will not add to your congestion.

If the irritation gets too much for you, try gargling with some warm salt water that has a little black pepper powder added to it.

Steam inhalation: Warm some water in a pot and place a towel over your head that also covers the pot so that the steam from the pot rises directly into your nostrils. Keep inhaling the steam for as long as you can in deep and long breaths. The moisture in the steam will reduce the irritation caused by dry tissues and the effect of the heat dilates throat tissues and rehydrate them. It also helps in clearing up the congestion as the steam is easier to breathe in through a blocked nose. Be careful not to burn yourself.

Cough lozenges: Before resorting to any harsh sore throat medicine, it’s best to try cough lozenges. The sugar in these cough drops provides a coating on the surface of your throat and the moisture brings instant relief. Use cough lozenges that have an antiseptic and a mild anesthetic for longer relief. Avoid chewing the cough drop; instead dissolve it slowly in the mouth. Depending on your state, you can take one every 3-4 hours.


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