Things to Keep in Mind for the First date

According to a study by Lisa Daily, couples get into an “exclusive” relationship after just 6-8 dates. Men know that they are falling for the other person after only 3 dates, while women take about 14 dates to report their feelings. If you haven’t dated in a while, there are chances that you would be anxious to look your best for a first date. You can take some comfort from the fast that 40% of the men accepted they were “scared” talking to their potential partner on a first date. After all, the first impression is really important for both men and women. Here’s a look at some useful tips on preparing for a first date to ensure that you make the best possible first impression.

Tips for Preparing for a First Date

  1. Clean Yourself: The preparation begins as soon as you agree to the date. Your looks are your first impression, so take your time to get ready and don’t be in a hurry. A well-groomed face and body can go a long way. So, make sure you clean all that unwanted hair. A good option for this is stripless wax. It is easy to use at home and painless.
  2. Choose Clothes Wisely: What you choose to wear can make a huge difference on how you are perceived. So, while you might want to choose clothes according to your comfort and the weather, make sure you also wear something appropriate. Think of how you would like the other person to think of you. For instance, a neckline that is too deep or a skirt that is too short might not be the best choices if you want to take your time to get to know the person.
  3. Be on Time: Many people don’t pay much attention towards this aspect but it is very important to be punctual for the first date. It is the foundation of a good evening. Being on time also shows your respect and interest for your date. You won’t like it if the other person is late, so practice it yourself too.
  4. Be Yourself: Most of us have the tendency to do something extra to impress our date. This often makes us conscious and nervous. By doing this you have a higher chance of making a fool of yourself. Just act natural and things will take care of themselves. Showing that you are nervous can make things really awkward. Have a positive mindset and enjoy yourself.
  5. Keep Your Phone Away: Remember that it is you who is on a date and not your 537 Facebook friends and 243 Twitter followers! There is nothing ruder than using your phone on a date. Show some respect and interest for the other person. Hear him out, your Instagram can wait. Don’t post statuses or Tweet about it either. It might just rub the other person the wrong way.

So, the first thing you should do is to get yourself a product that is mild on your skin like Veet Spawax and get that salon-like groomed look with stripless wax before your first date.


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