How to Choose the right incontinence product

The incontinence product you choose can be the difference between isolating yourself from others and enjoying an active life as always.

The world over, women are conditioned to be demure and dainty human beings that always sit properly, wear ‘decent’ clothing and never embarrass themselves in public. This puts a lot of pressure on women to appear a certain way at all times. While women learn to work their way around these diktats quite often, the problem arises when (perceived) embarrassing health issues affect them.

Chief among these is urinary incontinence. A sudden leakage of urine out of the body and onto the clothes can result in awkward situations, especially in public places. Though the person cannot help the condition, she often feels afraid of venturing out for fear of urine seeping out and becoming visible on her clothing. Soon, she starts limiting her social interactions and does not venture out for long periods of time. Her fear is real: she has absolutely no control over her urine leakage, so travelling for long periods of time or even going out for a movie can become a hazard.

Using incontinence products is important…

Urinary incontinence need not rob a person of her normal lifestyle in any measure. There are some excellent urinary incontinence products that one may use to check the problem of involuntary urine seepage, such as:

  • Absorbent pads: These are worn just like menstrual sanitary napkins inside the underwear. Though they are highly absorbent, they are ideally not suitable for long periods of time and must be changed after every two episodes of urine seepage.
  • Diapers: These offer the most robust form of protection and are quite popular among all incontinence products available in the market today. They are ideal for use when one is travelling for a long distance and may not have access to a restroom. They are highly absorbent and can be comfortably worn for a matter of a few hours, or till such time that the wearer feels that the diaper has become wet.

The most important feature of the incontinence product is that it must not be bulky; a shapeless, visible product can change the contours of your clothing around the hips and buttocks and make it obvious that you are wearing an incontinence product. Instead, it should be thin but absorbent, and made of cotton material that does not chafe or irritate the skin.

A perfumed incontinence product is also a good idea – most wearers are always worried about urine seepage leaving a smell on the clothing after it dries. However, a highly absorbent diaper or pad will not allow the liquid to reach the clothes at all, and will have the added advantage of perfume to mask any lingering odours.


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