Which types of Sanitary Napkins should you use

Did you know that the possibly the first disposable sanitary napkins were used in Ancient Egypt? Historians have found evidence that state that women in Ancient Egypt would use papyrus pith to make sanitary products for themselves for when they were menstruating! While the comfort of such a contraption could be debatable, there is much to celebrate in the options that are available to women today. Today’s sanitary products understand that just as every woman’s body is different, so too their period needs. However, too much choice can get confusing and you may not always want to go the trial and error method when it comes personal hygiene. Therefore here is a list of sanitary napkins that you should consider using.

Reviews of the Top 3 Types of Sanitary Pads


Maxi Pads: These pads are highly absorbent and can come in different varieties. They may be of different lengths, may have wings to hold them in place and may come in separate day and night packaging, with night pads being more secure to ensure that there are no leakages while you are asleep. These pads are ideal for women who have heavy periods as they are able to handle heavy flow better than most. However, it is still recommended that one changes her pad every 3-4 hours.

Ultra-Thin Pads: If you are the type of women who refuses to slow down just because she is on her period, this is a good option for you. They are comfortable to wear when as they follow your body movements and allow you not think about leaks or stains when playing sport or dancing. They are shaped according to the body, with the rear end being wider than the front in order to offer optimum coverage. While they are essentially built for a secure fit, the variants with wings help to keep them from shifting and causing stains. These are also perfect if you are looking to wear a pair of tight pants as it is thin enough to not show through.

Liners: While liners are also shaped for comfort, they are usually without wings and meant for light bleeding. You could use them during the beginning and end of your period and also in between your cycle for your ovulation discharge. They are comfortable enough for everyday use and promise to be inconspicuous.

Now that you know the different kinds of sanitary napkins and what their specialties are, you ready to make informed choice to ensure you have a comfortable and hygienic period.


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