Add Flavour to Sex Life with Lubes

When it comes to being active in bed, it is important to try something new and different that will add to the flavour. Many people use honey, creams and flavoured condoms that will trigger the act. However, to add more, there are different types of lubricants that can be handy and easy to use. These gels are versatile and even tasty to have. In fact, they come in different fragrance to make the environment more soothing and wild. Why should one use lubes? Well, it makes the session easy, hot and women tend to enjoy more as they get more time to get satisfied.

Flavoured Lubricants:

There are three different types of lubes available in the market: Water based, oil based and silicone. Among all is the water based which is commonly used by the couple. Oil based is super slippery. Silicone lube is the combination of both condom and slippery. With the flavoured option, the couple can enjoy a great time during the climax and with the slippery function add more sensation to the act.

Using Lubes with Toys:

One of the reasons to use toys with lubes is to heighten the pleasurable act and fun. The act helps women to awaken their senses and to be more sensitive throughout the session. That will make them enjoy more and reciprocate in the much hotter way.  Couples enjoy using sex toys during the act because it gives more pleasure during the act and for long hours of pleasure.

Flavoured lubes for anal sex:

The couple who engage in anal sex generally use flavoured lubes to get away with the anal smell. Newbies use flavoured one to make the act smooth and odour free. In fact, many couples avoid anal sex due to infection and pain the act causes. However, with such lubricants it has now become easier and hygiene way to perform the act.

Using lubes while masturbating:

When individuals engage in masturbation, they just go plain. But by adding lubes over the parts will surely enhance the act. Flavoured options can make the act more aromatic resulting to enhance the pleasure.

Using Flavoured Lubes:

The process of using this product is simple and handy. Before the act, pour a dime-sized amount of lube on the palm and rub it over the private parts. Also, apply some over the vaginal opening. Once done with the applying of the cream, start with the act. The user will surely feel the sensation over the part and mind giving the best feeling of pleasure. The lubricant can be applied again if felt to have second climax session.

Before buying or applying it is important to know if your skin is adjustable with the lubricant. Allergy body may bring negative result, thus facing infection over the part. So consult with the expert or visit online sites to know more about these products and how well it can be used. However, these lubricants don’t contain sugar or glycerine to cause infection.


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