Are 4-Wheel Drive Sales Good for the Pocket?

According to an article in Arab News, the Saudi Arabian car market is estimated to hit million cars per year by 2016-2017. These numbers were between 600,000 and 820,000 in 2014. This number includes the sale of both passenger and commercial vehicles in the country. The estimated annual growth rate between 2014 and 2017 is expected at 11%, which will let the market achieve the one million mark by 2017. Because of this huge existing and affluent customer base, and moderate to high disposable income of people in the KSA, the country is most qualified to become the auto hub among all the GCC countries. Of the total sales in the nation, Toyota has been the dominant market share holder for many years now. In 2015, the Toyota Hilux was the market leader in the overall segment. And up until the first quarter of 2016, Toyota dominated the overall sales, with a share of 30.5%. The top quality 4-wheel drive (4-wd) vehicles play a big role in maintaining the market supremacy of Toyota in Saudi Arabia. Considering the desert terrains and other geographical conditions of the country, 4×4 vehicles sure seem like the better way to go rather than the conventional 2-wheel drives, since they can take care of both on and off-road needs. This is the reason why more and more 4-wds are for sale in the country.

Best 4-Wwheel Drives in Saudi Arabia

  • Toyota Land Cruiser: The Toyota Land Cruiser is a vehicle with the longest legacy in the 4×4 world. With a 4.0 L, 6-Cylinder, VVT-I engine that generates up to 228 HP, 360 Nm, this automobile is a powerhouse for both on and off-road use. The standard diesel variant is available with a 4.2 L, 6-Cylinder, Diesel engine, with 128 HP, 285 Nm. All this power goes well with the comfortable and spacious interiors and an exterior with high road presence, which makes it one of the most popular 4-wds for sale in Saudi Arabia.


  • Toyota Hilux: Then there is the ever dependable Hilux truck, which has long dominated sales with its superior 4×4 drive technology to go with bigger spacious carriers. With powerful 2.7L, 4 cylinders, Petrol, VVT-I engine, generating power of up to 164HP, 245NM, the Hilux truck is available in both single and double cabs. The 2.4L diesel engine variants employs the latest D-4D technology, which makes them the most efficient 4-wheel drives for sale and that too within your budget.


  • Toyota Hiace: With the option of transporting both passengers and goods, Hiace is the perfect partner for any business. With 7L petrol and 2.5L diesel variants, this truck is an ideal solution to all your business needs.


If you still have bigger commercial uses, then Toyota also offers larger commercial vehicles like the Toyota Coaster and Toyota Dyna, which can definitely take care of your needs irrespective of the dusty or rocky terrain the vehicle might need to travel.


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