Are Toyota Commercial Trucks Better in terms of investment?

According to an article in Trade Arabia, Saudi Arabia’s commercial trucks and vehicles market is set to grow at a CAGR of over 8% by 2020. This growth is on account of the continuing growth in the construction sector, coupled with favorable government policies. The KSA is one the largest infrastructure markets in the Middle East. According to the report, the government’s increasing focus on diversifying from oil to non-oil industries will drive an increase in the demand for light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles by 2020. Toyota is the market leader in the commercial category in the country and is estimated to remain so. The 2016 ‘Best Midsize Truck’ award winner, Hilux, is expected to lead Toyota’s commercial truck sales in Saudi Arabia.

Why will Hilux be the Market Leader?

Available in single and double cab models, the new Hilux has been developed to be a more comfortable and offer a better drive than ever before. The new development in the Hilux adds to the already existing durability, reliability and practicality features. The newer models, like Hilux DC GL 2.7 4×2, Hilux GL X 2.7 4×2, Hilux GLX2 2.7 4X2, Hilux GLX 2.7 4X2 AT and Hilux SGLX 2.7 4X2 Navi, all feature 2.7L, 4-cylinder, Petrol, VVT-I engine, with a power of 164HP and torque of 245NM. Apart from the 4×2 model, there are the Hilux GL 2.7 4X4, Hilux SGLX 2.7 4X4 AT and Hilux SGLX 2.7 4X4, which offer better off-road prowess with four-wheel driving systems to go with the powerful 2.7L engines.


There is also a 2.0L variant available for lighter requirements. The availability of diesel variants, with a 2.4L, 4-cylinder, Turbo Diesel engine with Toyota D-4D Technology, which is the latest in its segment, Toyota is sure to make the eighth generation of Hilux as reliable and performance-oriented as its predecessors. The new versions, apart from increasing their performance standard, have also improved on the overall design and passenger comfort. Innovative styling, blended with a modern and sophisticated look, along with a deck that can carry more load than ever before and comfortable interiors with centrally-positioned control and AC vents, sure improve the overall driving experience as well.

Other Commercial Trucks from Toyota

Apart from the legendary Hilux, the Japanese automobile manufacturer also has the several other commercial trucks that have their own strong legacies. Toyota Land Cruiser is one such vehicle, which is a legendary truck in the 4×4 world. With stronger power and a modern look, this is another vehicle that is sure to rule the commercial markets of Saudi Arabia.


Hiace is another commercial vehicle from Toyota that gives your business all the options you might look for, whether it is transporting passengers or goods. The thoughtful features and practical design make it more professional and efficient.


Toyota Coaster is a modern bus that is an extraordinary and efficient people mover, while the Dyna is another inclusion that will lead the way in the market in the lightweight trucks category. It is well engineered to meet the needs of businesses.


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